Club Ambassador Ben Kasperczak


I feel proud to be part of the BMMC by becoming a Brand Ambassador, I look forward to working with the team of members and marshals of the BMMC that keep us safe on the circuit!”

Ben  has  been  racing  since  the  age  of  three,  when  he  was  first  given  a  contract by  Motorsport  World  at  Rye  House,  in  Hertfordshire,  the  same  kart  track  where Lewis   Hamilton   was   first   noticed.   At   only   four   years   old   and   he   was   the youngest sponsored athlete to be signed as a works driver.

Ben  progressed  through  karting  to  the  top  level,  winning  races  at  the  British  championship,  where  Lewis  Hamilton,  Jenson  Button  and  lots  more  big names  used  to  compete  back  in  their  karting  days,  winning  over  180  trophies  in  his  successful  karting  career,  finishing  karting  at  the  end  of  2016 after ten victorious years with some very memorable memories. It was time for Ben to move onto something bigger and better!

In  2018  Ben  and  his  family  decided  to  make  the  decision  to  move  into  cars.  Ben’s  goal  of  becoming  a  British  Touring  Car  Driver  meant  that  the  car  he would  have  to  drive  would  need  to  be  Front  Wheel  Drive  to  get  the  best  experience.

Ben  and  his  parents  made  chose  to  do  his  first  year  in  cars  in the  junior  saloon  car  championship.  The  car  he  would  be  driving  would  be  a  fully  race  prepared  Citroen  Saxo  VTR.  He  would  be  racing  against  14  – 17-year olds. In Ben’s first year in cars was very successful and he had lots of race wins and showed some incredible pace.

At  the  opening  round  he  won  both  races  at  the  prestigious  Silverstone  Circuit  in  Northamptonshire.  Towards  the  end  of  the  year,  as  a  result  of  Ben’s success,  he  was  signed  up  by  Team  Hard  as  their  Junior  driver  to  progress  through  to  the  British  Touring  Car  Championship.

This  would  be  a  great help to Ben to fulfil his childhood dreams of becoming a British Touring Car Driver.

For  the  2019  season  Ben  will  be  competing  in  the  Junior  Saloon  Car  Championship for  the  second  year  running,  with  the  ambition  of  taking  the  2019 JSCC title with Team-Hard and Orex Competition in a fully race prepared Citroen Saxo VTR. Ben’s Goal is to become the youngest ever British Touring Car Driver at the age of 16 and progress to become the youngest ever BTCC champion.