National Chair’s advice

As per Nadine’s latest post, just a reminder of the following guidelines as they currently stand

  1. The Motorsport UK guidelines have been written for clubs and venues to implement.  The clubs will determine how they implement and communicate to officials.
  2. Venues will endeavour to prepare and maintain enhanced hygiene standards before, during and after events.  Please assist by following signage / instructions and leaving places as you wish to find them (e.g. toilets, litter bins etc.)
  3. Where necessary stay in your vehicles, maintain social distancing, reduce car sharing with people from other households and wash your hands regularly!
  4. Volunteering – manning levels at venues have been determined by venues with Motorsport UK agreement.  It is two per post but these may be a combination of PC, Flag or incident depending on venue.  Clubs will select accordingly.  I don’t envy the selectors – tough job!  Their selection decisions to reduce numbers will lead to some disappointment I am sure.  Post allocation process will be advised by the Chief marshal – so ensure you understand the exact location to stand as this ensures social distancing measures maintained. As government restrictions lift we expect the guidelines to change as well.
  5. Declaration – this will be electronic before each event and can be found on Motorsport UK website (each club will advise their own process for you to complete)
  6. On the day
  7. Incidents – a thumbs up is required from a driver to indicate all is well.  
    1. Do not touch or enter a vehicle unless you have the correct PPE
    2. Do attend to fires, direct drivers and only assist pushing where practicable and PPE is used.
  8. Equipment – follow directions from the organisers reference equipment provided, sanitisation, use during the day and returning when task completed.
  9. PPE – most clubs will provide specific PPE where necessary.  Recommended – face coverings, spare gloves, hand sanitiser for your own personal use.  And don’t forget to dispose correctly (preferably take home with you)
  10. If you feel unwell during the day – contact Race Control and advise.  Return equipment where possible and leave the circuit as soon as practicable.  Keep the Chief Marshal advised of updates to condition after event – especially if COVID-19 symptoms
  11. And remember maintain social distance (2m is still the rule – 1m plus where this isn’t possible) and wash hands regularly (did I say that again?!)
  12. PRCs will not be signed at the event.  Please record the details of your attendance and this will be checked with Chief Marshals if required.