John Nicol winner 2019 – Matt Edwards

Since joining the Club in mid-2019, this marshal has attended meetings at Oulton Park and Anglesey along with visiting other circuits UK wide to gain experience, knowledge and to enjoy the broad variety of motorsport on offer.

What stood out for the committee though was his ability to learn, help other trainees on their journey on the bank and his commitment to help other marshals in various situations. This included providing marshal cover during an enduro race at another post, taking on flagging duties whilst colleagues stood down for a break, and working with post chiefs/IO’s to help plan the day. This has all been out of a sense of duty, a commitment to learn and a willingness to integrate as a part of a team.

We think that Matthew Edwards is a deserved winner of the Cliff Hammond Trophy.

The National Committee thought that Matt’s application to becoming a marshal and his willingness to learn meant that he is the worthy winner of the John Nicol Award as well