Training Days 2017 – photos courtesy of Brian Tyler Photography

4T4A9081  Demo of how to approach the flames.

4T4A9082  Demo of how to tackle the flames.

4T4A9085  Team work – anyone spot Mel?

4T4A9087  Huddled together to keep warm!

4T4A9092  Tackling flames inside the car

4T4A9108  Nice work

4T4A9125  Just a selection of some of the extinguishers for the day

4T4A9127  This car has taken hold nicely

4T4A9130  Getting ready for an inspection inside the car

4T4A9144  Flames re-igniting under the car

4T4A9161  Checking the boot

4T4A9180  Getting ready for the next team

4T4A9184  Just a bit more petrol…