The North East regional committee is made up of volunteer marshals, working to support all marshals and provide safe motorsport for all.

Committee meetings are held monthly either via Zoom or at various locations around the region (primarily Lincolnshire and Yorkshire), so if you have any questions or issues you would like the committee to review and respond, please get in touch with the NE Secretary.

NE region members are also entitled to attend regional committee meetings in an observation capacity, so please get in touch if you wish to do so.

Committee Meetings Planned for 2021

Thursday 28th January – via Zoom
Thursday 25th February – via Zoom
Tuesday 23rd March – via Zoom
Thursday 22nd April – via Zoom
Tuesday 18th May – via Zoom
Thursday 17th June – via Zoom
Tuesday 15th July –
Thursday 12th August –
Tuesday 14th September¬† –
TBC – Saturday 16th October –
TBC – AGM Sunday31st October
Tuesday 7th December

We are always open and welcoming to new members to come along and sit on the committee Рwhether in a generic capacity, or to undertake one of the many roles or duties involved.  If you are interested in joining us, please get in contact with either the NE Chairman or the NE Secretary for more information.

Lynne Kendall

Tel: 01507 450196

Lynne is also a Council Director of the club and is responsible for coordinating the regional committee - as well as undertaking regional treasurer duties.

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Dave Tasker

Tel: 01507 450196

Dave is responsible for secretarial duties to support the regional committee and coordinating committee meetings. Please use the relevant email link below to contact Dave.

David Owen
Membership Secretary

Tel: 01472 824883

David is your point of contact for all membership enquiries.

Lynne Kendall
Training Officer

Tel: 01507 450196

Lynne is our regional Training Officer with the responsibility of coordinating our training team and organising, planning and conducting all training and development events within the region.

Andrew Palmer
Grading Officer

Tel: TBA

Andrew is responsible for processing all NE region upgrades and providing relevant advice and guidance where necessary.

Please use the relevant email link below to contact Andrew - but please be advised that Andrew works night shifts, so is not always available by phone.

Position Vacant Covered by Chair
Recruitment Officer

Tel: TBA

This role supports the recruitment of new marshals and conducts 'Taster Days' at Cadwell Park.

Until this vacancy is filled, all duties of recruitment are being shared by the Committee, with the regional Chair and Secretary taking responsibility to manage contacts.

Nigel Adams
Marshals' Liaison

Tel: 01724 764690

Nigel acts as your first point of contact for all marshalling matters - if you have any questions, or want to discuss an issue you have experienced.

Tim Bendelow
Speed Representative


Tim is the contact for all Speed and Hillclimb related enquiries, issues or support.

Position Vacant (currently covered by Tim)
Rally Representative

This position is currently vacant.

If you are active in the world of 'Rally marshalling' and have the time and energy to join our team and represent our regional rally marshals on committee - then please get in touch with our regional secretary.

Dan Ashton
Kart Representative


Dan is the Kart Rep contact for all karting related questions, contacts and information.

Mark Jarvis
Volunteering Coordinator

Tel: 01522 801845

Mark's responsibilities lie with uploading all regional events to the new volunteering database and supporting you with your volunteering applications for events if required.

Dave Tasker
Regalia Officer

Tel: 01507 450196

Dave takes responsibilities for all regalia within the region, including sales and listening to our members for new ideas.

Graham Drury
Newsletter Editor and Media Officer


Graham is our regional newsletter and media support - responsible for the collation of stories and articles, as well as producing the regional marshals magazine/newsletter. 

John Watson
Committee Member

John is the former NE Chairman, who remains on the committee to support the team in new roles moving forward, sharing his vast experience, but taking a step back from the limelight.

Cadet Representative
Tel: Position Vacant - if you are interested in undertaking this role, please get in touch with the Chairman in the first instance. The regional Cadet rep is the first point of call for our younger members to liaise and get in touch with, to discuss any aspects of marshalling.