Introduction Silverstone

“The Home of British Motor Racing” is located just south of the A43 on the border of Buckinghamshire and Northamptonshire. The circuit is owned by the British Racing Drivers Club (BRDC) and is managed by Silverstone Circuits Limited.

The Silverstone Marshals Team is the “home” club responsible for Silverstone Emergency Services, the team of Track marshals and Incident Officers that provide the core incident handling team. Race meetings at Silverstone are organised by a number of clubs, many of them bringing their own marshals to the circuit. You can volunteer for meetings at Silverstone through the BMMC volunteering site, the Silverstone Marshals Team (E-mail Silverstone Marshal Team) or the organising club.


Silverstone is easily reached off the A43, which links the M40 (from junction 10 or 11) and the M1 (from junction 15A). It is well signposted from the A43. From Dadford Road, you turn into the main entrance, and go past security. There is a 20 miles/hour speed limit on site. For directions, click here.

Signing On

The signing on location varies, please check your instructions. Typically, sign-on is in the Garage under Race Control in the National Pitlane. However, if events run on both tracks, sign-in for the International Circuit is often in the Wing (International Pit Lane), and some larger events use the UTC College building. At the moment, sign-on is done electronically before the event.

Silverstone Directions

To get to the National Pits, go straight from security across the bridge (over the old track), and follow the signpost to National Pitlane across the second bridge (over Wellington straight). Past the medical centre, you find the paddock car park. From there, you can walk towards the left and the garage to the left of the pit lane.

To get to the Wing, turn right after security and follow the perimeter road until you get past the Porsche centre and turn left across the bridge over Hangar Straight. Turn right past the Aston Martin garages and the Heliport and follow the road to the right. Go to the end of the Wing and park on the left in the ‘FIA Compound’. You can walk into the paddock and the entrance on the left takes you up towards the media centre.

To get to the UTC, turn left after security and follow the perimeter road to the National pit straight. The UTC will be directly in front of you, and you can park at the UTC or behind the grandstand.

Sign-on is typically split with Incident marshals and Incident Officers on the left and all other roles on the right.

Following sign-on, Silverstone often provide breakfast in the Paddock Diner (National Pit) or Media Centre in the Wing.

On post

After sign-on, you can drive to your post, with parking usually available behind the post.

Silverstone organises its posts slightly different, with Post Chiefs and Flags sometimes away from the incident team. Flag points are numbered, and Incident posts referred to by name. There are three track configurations:

  • Grand Prix Circuit (which can operate from either of the two pitlanes)
  • National Circuit (from the National Pit lane)
  • International Circuit (from The Wing)

Silverstone can run both shorter tracks at the same time, please be aware when volunteering you select the correct club / track configuarion.

Incident posts

Incident posts are named, mostly after the corner or straight where they are located. Becketts Inside is only used for the National Circuit, Interlink is only used for the International Circuit. All other posts are on the Grand Prix Circuit as well as the either the National or International Circuit.

Silverstone Incident Posts

Flag posts

Flag posts are numbered, starting from the International Pit lane. This means that the numbers jump around for the shorter track (on the International Circuit, 7 is followed by 23; the National Circuit starts at 17, goes to 22, then jumps back to 9 and goes back up to 16). Note that Post 22 is before the track turns right on the National Circuit, but slightly further down the road on the Grand Prix Circuit, and Post 9 is on drivers-left for the National Circuit and drivers-right for for the Grand Prix Circuit.

Silverstone Flag Posts