Chairman’s message

I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas and enjoyed New Year as best as possible. As we all know, the level of restriction in the UK at the moment has somewhat curtailed our grand plans to do more marshalling in 2021 so far.

Both BARC and Castle Combe have provisionally released their calendars for 2021 and are taking requests for availability for marshals. This can be done via the BMMCs Volunteering System (dates to be added). Remember, BMMC members are now automatically covered under the clubs Personal Accident Policy by (a) registering for an event either with the organising club or via BMMC systems electronic & paper and (b) completing the sign-on form provided by the organising club.

Castle Combe and BARC now use the RevUp system, anyone who you speak to who is unfamiliar with these systems is asked to contact Richard Beard at Castle Combe or Paula Brown at BARC for assistance. The calendars are obviously provisional, and attendance will work on the same basis as it did for 2020. Saying that you’re available won’t automatically guarantee you a post; it’s worked out on a minimum number basis and this is additionally important to remember for bigger meetings such as BTCC.

Our training day is currently on hold. Whilst we are in a period of national restrictions MSUK are not issuing permits or certificate of exemptions for events. This Certificate is what we need to hold a training day and insure you all. So, until we can guarantee that we can A: Get the relevant exemption and B: Hold the day safely – the training day is postponed indefinitely. This is no massive issue, MSUK have paused all assessments, upgrades and license renewals for 2021 so your current grade and license are still valid into 2021.

There is some online training (albeit limited) for all disciplines (especially Rally and Cross Country) on the MSUK Learning Hub, please see the December newsletter for advice and information as to how to access it.

Whilst you are all waiting patiently to get back out on the bank or to the stages, if you’re considering sizing up for a new set of overalls for the 2021 season (or new waterproofs!) then please contact Harry (Ian) Harrision who is our regalia officer for the region. He’s got badges (cloth and pin badges) stickers for the new boxes we all got a Christmas as well as other items including woolly hats and baseball caps. A full catalogue is available in the Newsletter, along with contact details.

The committee remain at your disposal for any marshalling enquiries or just a natter either via phone or email. Their contact details are available on the back page of our Newsletter or on the BMMC website, under South West region.

Above all however, keep safe – continue to follow the guidance and I’ll see you all for BTCC at Thruxton (hopefully!)