Ken Finnie Trophy

Ken Finne-2The Ken Finnie Trophy was awarded to the best newcomer, but has now been replaced with the Cliff Hammond Trophy.

The Trophy was dedicated to the memory of a former committee member and radio operator, who passed away at an early age.

Date Winner
2015 Trophy Retired – replaced by the Cliff Hammond Trophy
2014 Hinton & Fiona Chetwood   + John Nicol Trophy
2013 Dave Pirie
2012 Simon Whitmarsh   + John Nicol Trophy
2011 Paul Levitt
2010 Dave Tildsley
2009 Ady Magness   + John Nicol Trophy
2008 Elliot Wrench
2007 Justin Moran
2006 Simon Brocklehurst
2005 Heather Jones & Ged Clarkson
2004 Jamie & Des Kelly
2003 Andy Pickering
2002 Adam Charnley
2001 Hazel Cameron