All UK Motorsport events until 30 June 2020 have been postponed due to the coronavirus outbreak

Other events that have been cancelled after 1st July 2020 are in the following event closure ticker

Get closer to the action - safely

From the pits and paddock to track-side and behind the scenes, marshals allow motorsport meetings to run smoothly.

A marshals’ job is essential in providing safety cover and administrative functions. It’s the closest you can get to the action without being sat in the driving seat!

What is Marshalling?

Marshaling is for anybody who is interested in and wants to be more involved in motorsport.

You don’t need any special skills or qualifications to start in the world of marshalling; just some common sense and a reasonably developed awareness of self-preservation.

I'd like to try a day as a Marshal

Come along and have an introduction into the wonderful world of marshalling!

Just fill out a simple form with your contact details and we’ll be in touch with you to arrange a Marshals Taster Day at a circuit near you.

I want to join the BMMC

There are so many benefits in joining the BMMC; the largest group of marshals in the UK.

For just a small annual subscription, you can join the best marshals club, get you closer to the action and immerse yourself in motorsport

Latest BMMC News

Motorsport can wait

It certainly feels a bit strange writing this when I should have been at Goodwood for the Members meeting but along with so many events it’s postponed.  Hopefully running later in the year but will there be enough days in the calendar?  Who knows where we will be and when? The new C word is COVID-19 and […]

Chair’s March message – Congratulations and recognition

A great aspect of my role as Chair is to recognise the efforts and achievements of our membership. Council decide the winners of our National awards based on regional nominations.  The nominations for the Marshal of the Year were also sent to Motorsport UK and although no member of BMMC won the accolade they were all […]

February bulletin – new beginnings

Firstly I have to say congratulations to the brand, recruiting and BRMC teams who made Autosport such a success.  The new stands looked fantastic and the feedback was positive.   The new BRMC logo looks great and the Teamwear smart – great idea by Kim Durose.  Congratulations too to Ian Evans who was awarded the inaugural Rally Marshal […]

Family time matters says new President Ben

There’s little better than being with people who get where we come from, understand our foibles and strengths, share a laugh about them all and get on with whatever needs doing. That message was reinforced to me this January when a whistle-stop tour around the country threw me in with relatives in Yorkshire and Oxfordshire, […]

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