A Brief History of the BMMC

During 1956 an article appeared in one of the motor racing magazines, advertising the proposed Marshals’ Club and inviting people to join.  The governing body at the time was the RAC (prior to the RACMSA and subsequently Motorsport UK) and it was very difficult to get any new racing club registered.

The club started as a result of Jack Bannister thinking we ought to make a register of marshals and note against each name the person’s capabilities – following repeated events which struggled to put together enough volunteers to run an event.

The club was formed 16 June 1957 Queens Hotel, Birmingham with the following persons present and making up the initial committee:

  • John Ashton (07 May 1914 – 1988) – North Staffs Motor Club
  • Jack Bannister – register of marshals and capabilities.  North Staffs Motor Club
  • Roy Taylor – no committee involvement but wise counsel
  • Keith Douglas – Nottingham Sports Car Club
  • John Holmes – London based club
  • Bunny Ransom
  • Ian Lunn – Civil Service Motoring Association
  • Alan Atkinson – Mid-Cheshire Motor Club
  • Graham Peacock – North region
  • Tony Bird
  • Bill Hawkins – Essex Motor Club

Initially the North East, North, South and Midlands regions were recognised.

  • 1958 – Midlands region had formed it’s own committee.
  • 1960s – South Midlands region created
  • 1967 – Silverstone Emergency Services Team formed
  • 29 September 1969 – Incorporated as a limited company with Companies House UK
  • 1970 (?) – Donington ES Team
  • 1972 – Cadwell ES Team formed
  • 1974 – introduction of Training and Grading scheme
  • 1980 – Northern Ireland region created (previously was a sub-region of Midlands)
  • 1980 – British Rally Marshals Club created as a subsidiary of BMRMC
  • SE / SW split?
  • 1990s membership at 2,800 – dropped to a low of 1,400 and in 2023 hit 2,500 members
  • 1992 – BRDC created its own marshalling section and the Silverstone ES Team became part of this organization
  • 1996 – Training and Grading scheme adopted by the MSA
  • 18 December 2012 – changed name to BMMC to reflect that we were more than simply motor race marshals but also were involved in sprints, hillclimbs, trials etc.