A Brief History of the BMMC


THE WAY FORWARD. Keith Douglas (deceased)

The idea of the marshal’s club came to Jack Banister in an air-raid shelter at Silverstone in 1956. The motivation was a common enthusiasm for motor sport among the hardy band of marshals billeted there for the forthcoming Grand Prix.

Translating the idea into reality proved to be a difficult but fascinating process with politics and money playing a large part in the birth of the BMRMC. 

The official formation of the club took place at the Midland Hotel, Birmingham on the 16th June 1957 with a BMRMC nucleus plus senior representatives from other clubs forming the first council. It soon became evident that although enthusiasm was strong it was insufficient to translate the desire into reality. Stumbling blocks were tackled with great verve but the need for money and a sound policy took more time than envisaged.

One great problem was that of acceptance by the major clubs (including the RAC., who were hesitant to give their official approval until we were seen to be serious). The other objections came from the establishment who saw us as a possible embryonic union (of the potentially destructive type).  The harsh reality of the situation sparked off many of the basic policies which are still as relevant today as they were 60 years ago.