British Motorsports Marshals’ Club

Making Marshals Matter

To be the club of choice for UK motorsports marshals.  To recruit and provide training, benefits and representation for them, and to develop motorsport marshalling for the benefit of all.

How to achieve the vision

  • Recruit marshals – directly and indirectly
  • Promote and enhance the image of the Club
  • Train marshals – providing information and enhancing skills through training and development opportunities
  • Represent marshals with other motorsport organisers and with the relevant Authorities on matters that affect the marshals and motorsport
  • Provide benefits, services and support to our members
  • Be independent, never afraid to speak out for what we believe
  • Be open and honest, do what we believe is best for our members and motorsport,
  • Put our members first in what we do and create opportunities to involve our members wherever possible

British Motorsports Marshals’ Club – THE Marshal’s club, for marshals, by marshals