Motorsport UK Under 18 Marshal Policies

Parents of children under 18 years of age should be aware of the following guidance notes before reading the Motorsport UK Under 18 Marshal Policies (link below).

  1. The parents need to be with their child all through the meeting or to nominate a guardian prior to the meeting using the Motorsport UK form.
  2. That not all Clubs or Circuits accept cadets and that differing clubs have a differing definition of the upper age  limit some use 16, some use 18 – the legal limit is 18.
  3. That the numbers for any meeting may be restricted by the number of people available to supervise.
  4. That the duties their child undertakes will be limited to none hazardous areas.
  5. That Motor Sport is dangerous and even though the cadets duties are strictly limited there will always be a small element of danger.
  6. That some clubs will restrict working on the bank to those 18 and over
  7. That some clubs may insist on the parent/guardian being with the cadet all day

Under 18 Marshal Policies

by Motorsport UK

Here are the Motorsport UK Under 18 Marshal Policies