OULTON PARK: Circuit opens at 07.00 and Practice starts at 08.30

So, sign-on will be around 07.15 to 07.45. You will need to be on post by 08.10

On the rare occasion that practice starts at 09.00, you have an extra ½ hour in the paddock or in Chequers.

For Club meetings, enter by the Main Gate and sign-on in Chequers (Incident) or Race Control Marshals’ Room (Flags PCs etc)

For the F3/GT, BTCC, Gold Cup meetings, enter through East Gate and sign-on in the Swiss Chalet opposite Race Control (all disciplines).

These 3 meetings also run on Sundays. While you can enter (East Gate) earlier, sign-on kicks-off at 10.30 (in the Chalet). You may not be allowed to park on the Pit Straight on Sundays, so veer left after the East Gate ticket booths, stay spectator-side and park just beyond the Chalet. Oulton Park Map

ANGLESEY: Arrive there by 0900 on a Saturday  and 0800 on a Sunday . All sign-on is in the restaurant. Anglesey Map