Members Registration

This is a general notice to all BMMC members whose email address is logged on the Club’s database.

The Club is updating technology to enhance membership benefits and communications.

All BMMC members need to register, including North West region members. Please follow these simple steps to register…

1) Visit www.marshals.co.uk and click on Volunteering Website.

2) A screen will appear. Click on “First Time User Account Set-up

You will receive an immediate response requesting your email address.
Please enter the normal address that you have registered on the old database. If in doubt enter your BMMC number.

3) You will then receive an email inviting you to create a new password.
Follow the instructions and set your preferred password and make a note of it in case of a system (or memory) problem.

4) This site will always be available at www.marshals.co.uk click Volunteering Website and login using

Username: Your BMMC Membership number eg:- NW9999  (no spaces)
Password: your chosen password

You can modify your password at any time via the “Your Account” link at the top of the page.

If you have any difficulties please contact Sean Clarke nat.ito@marshals.co.uk

5) Now please update/amend your personal details. Click on the icon (looks like a Cluedo character)

It is particularly important that you keep your email address up to date as this will be our primary method of communicating with members.


Flag Assessments

Planning Your Flag Experience and Assessment Sessions

The baton is being handed on this season.  You have previously contacted me to request Flag Experience or Assessment days.

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Insufficient Postage

There have been a number of instances recently where upgrades have been sent with insufficient postage paid. This not only involves the inconvenience of a trip to the post office to collect the mail, but also the additional postage costs and charges being paid for by “your” club. Can you please ensure sufficient postage is paid on all upgrade applications.

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