NW Region Training 2020

Dear Marshal,

Now that the racing season has come to an end, it is time to look ahead to next year’s training weekend, which in 2020 will be held on the 22nd and 23rd February at Oulton Park circuit, near Tarporley in Cheshire. 

This year Saturday’s training will cover training for Post Chiefs, Flag marshals, Senior Specialist marshals and new marshals.

The training on the Sunday will be for Trainee, Cadet, Experienced, Incident Officers and Specialist marshals. Fire practical training will be available on both days.

Please see the accompanying ‘training module chooser’ to help you decide which training session is best for you, please check the training section of your PRC to see which modules are required to decide which modules would be most suitable. (All required forms below)  

If you are new to marshalling, or have only completed 1 or 2 race meetings, then you should attend the Trainee marshal sessions (tick box 7U).   You must be aged 16 or over to complete this training; if you are under 18 your parent / guardian MUST complete an Indemnity Form on your behalf BEFORE the event – if you fill out your date of birth on the Application Form, I will send you a blank Indemnity Form in advance of the training.

If you are aged under 16, I am afraid that you cannot take part in the Trainee Marshal training but instead you can attend the Cadet Marshal training (tick box 8U).  This will include aspects of the Trainee Marshal training as well as some Specialist training, but we can only let you observe the incident and live fire training. Again, see the comments above concerning Indemnity Forms.

Please apply for the training by Friday 7th February 2020.  You can apply in several ways; firstly, if you wish to apply electronically there is a link on the form which will take you to the on-line application form. Using this link helps me greatly with processing your application details.

You can e-mail me all the relevant details (name, first line of address and post code, e-mail address, which training session you want and any lunch requirements

This year you can just text me the same details; if you apply by e-mail or text I will send you a reply to confirm your application. A postal application is also fine, though I cannot send a confirmation reply.  

Final Instructions will be sent out about 8 – 10 days prior to the event.   If you have volunteered by text or e-mail, or you have completed the e-mail address box on the application form LEGIBLY, I will send these out electronically (to save postage charges); otherwise I will post them.

MSV (the owners of Oulton Park) will be selling hot food over the weekend in the Chequers restaurant at lunch time; this will be at your own cost.   They have asked if I can provide an idea of how many marshals will be buying food at lunch-time, so please indicate this on the Volunteering Form.   Alternatively, you are welcome to bring your own packed lunches, and you will be able to use some of the rooms in the Fogarty Moss Centre to eat your lunch. Hot drinks will also be available all day in the Centre or in the Chequers restaurant.

Please bear in mind that February can still bring particularly inclement weather, so for all those of you doing outside sessions, such as practical fire training, I advise you to bring warm, waterproof outdoor clothing and footwear. 

If you have any questions or problems, please contact me by e-mail (preferably) or by post.

Finally, may I wish you all a happy and healthy Christmas and New Year, I look forward to meeting and welcoming you all on the 22nd and 23rd February.

Yours sincerely,

Bill Gray – Training Co-ordinator, North West Region

E-mail: Phone:   07738892401

2020 Training Day Application Form – Word Doc

2020 Training Day Application Form – Pdf

2020 Training Module Chooser – Word Doc

2020 Training Module Chooser – Pdf


Many of you will be aware that each year, the NW Committee makes annual awards to fellow marshals.  The categories are:

  • Cadet of the Year
  • Newcomer of the Year
  • Flag Marshal of the Year (a new addition in 2019)
  • Outstanding Service
  • Extraordinary Action

The Committee has discussed the method of nominating and decided to break with the existing format and ask all fellow marshals to be part of the process. The Committee cannot always see outstanding acts of marshalling when on the bank. So we would like you to become our eyes and ears and help us decide.

Each post chief folder will include a nomination form & this will also be online as well.

If you see someone in action who would merit a nomination, please complete the form in confidence so that we can discuss. This could include a newcomer getting involved in an incident, a cadet in assembly, excellent flagging, good leadership, start line/pitlane or an experienced marshal reacting to an incident. There is no limit to what you can nominate for.

The form is not exclusive for Post Chiefs or I/O’s. It’s your opportunity to be part of the award process.

We look forward to seeing the nominations roll in during the season

Thank you

Mike Broadbent – NW region Chair

Nomination Form – Word

Nomination Form – Pdf