Upgrade Process

Current Steps to Getting Your Upgrade

Step 1: Collect the required amount of signatures for the grade you are completing in your Personal Record Card (PRC). Only one duty per day to be recorded. All marshals must be registered with MSUK in order to upgrade.

Step 2: Complete training day or days as defined in the PRC. Experienced Grade training days must be 1 year apart. All upgrades must be at least 1 year apart.

Step 3: Complete the “On Post” assessment following KASE with Examining Post Chief (XPC). Details can be found at https:/www.motorsportuk.org/resource-centre/

Step4: Complete a Marshal Registration Form (MRF) and mark at the top “UPGRADE”.

Step 5: Send original upgrade documents (PRC & MRF) to your Regional Grading Officer (RGO) (BMMC only. Other clubs may have different person nominated).

Address: Andy Bumstead
3 Savoy Road

Email: se.grading@marshals.co.uk

PLEASE NOTE: You must retain copies of documents sent in case of loss in the post.

Keep in your PRC wallet.