Training FAQs

Is there going be training this year?

“After days of discussion, both internally and in close association with MotorSport UK and assessing numerous scenarios to establish if we could comply with the various Government guidelines and still provide a professional and informative training weekend, a decision has reluctantly been made this afternoon (18/01/21) to CANCEL the training weekend at Brands Hatch scheduled for 20th/21st February 2021.” Andy Lyle (MSV)

Also, Snettertons training day on 24th January has been cancelled.

So what about training in 2021?

BMMC SE will endeavour to hold mid-year refresher courses for novice marshals and are looking into the possible use of webinars and pre-recorded training modules supplied by MotorSport UK.

You can still access the online training modules from MSUK.


As we head towards restarting just a quick note on upgrading. Please see below recent questions regarding upgrading during COVID that were asked at MSUK. Further details will be sent by MSUK with updates on grading.

Am I correct that upgrade assessments can now recommence on the 17th May 2021?

MSUK: Yes, where social distancing can be maintained and local government guidance allows. Attendance records filled in by the individual from 2020 are acceptable towards an upgrade – even though they are not countersigned by the Post Chief etc. and there is no opportunity for written feedback.

If necessary, will Motorsport UK will check attendance records with the organising clubs?

MSUK: Yes, this is correct.

Training is normally required every other year as a minimum. As it may not have been possible for people to attend training in both 2020 and 2021 is this rule is being relaxed for these two years?

MSUK: Correct – For 2021, training module signatures are valid from 2018 onwards.

If a marshal opted to miss the 2020 season entirely (due to COVID-19 rather than simply taking a year off) for upgrade purposes do we act as if 2020 didn’t exist? i.e. we go from 2019 straight to 2021 when looking at the PRC and ignore the 12 month gap in attendance records.

MSUK: Yes, for 2021 event attendance signatures are valid from 2017 onwards.

Read All About it

Here are the steps to getting your upgrade.

Where can I access online training?

MotorsportUK has online training for marshals and officials (including Rescue). The online training can be accessed through the MSUK Learning Hub.

How do I find the MSUK Learning Hub?

Visit Motorsport UK where you will need to Log In to access the online training. You will need a MSUK login and you can register for this via the MSUK website.

Here is a guide to finding the online training:
How to login into the E-Learning at MSUK Learning Hub

What courses are available at the MSUK Learning Hub?

  • Introduction to Marshalling
  • Interactive Marshals’ Grading Scheme
  • Safeguarding Awareness
  • Communication Tips
  • First on Scene
  • Electric Vehicle Awareness
  • First on Scene

  • Rally and Cross Country Marshalling (2020 Edition)
  • Rally Marshal First on Scene Guidance Video