Volunteering FAQ

1) What are the different volunteering methods available?

You can volunteer through the BMMC on-line volunteering system, directly to the organising clubs (either online or postal) or by Julian Lloyd’s website (marshals.org.uk)

BMMC volunteering system

This is an online system exclusively for BMMC members and is accessed through the BMMC website. At the beginning of each season the regional Volunteering Co-ordinators (Volco) will add all their region’s events to the volunteering system as the dates are made available by the various organising clubs. The information will include date of event, individual days for multi-day events, circuit, and where known, sign on and finish times, sign on location, name of Chief Marshal. The event list is in chronological order and covers all regions.

Organising Club volunteering

Availability for individual clubs may be online or on a printed sheet. Most clubs keep a database of marshals who have marshalled for them and will send out availability lists at the beginning of the season. If you are not on their list you can usually apply through their club website.

The BMMC system accesses your personal data from the club members’ database, so once you have confirmed your data with the club you do not need to enter it again, but please ensure you keep it updated, change of email address for example.

2) When will I know if I have been accepted for a meeting and when should I expect to receive tickets?

It is rare not to be accepted, only high-profile events such as the Goodwood events and some BTCC meetings need to cap marshal numbers. For the majority of meetings you will hear nothing until the tickets, etc. are posted to you, normally two weeks before the event. Most clubs try to get tickets and information for a meeting out to marshals a couple of weeks before the event. If you are concerned that you haven’t received anything when you are expecting to around a week before then contact the Chief Marshal or Marshal Co-ordinator for the meeting to check – don’t leave it until the last minute.

3) What if I need to cancel a meeting?

On the BMMC system you are able to cancel/delete an application before the applications are closed. If the deadline has passed, or you used a different method to apply, you should contact the Chief Marshal or Marshal Co-ordinator for the meeting to advise them. Any tickets you have received should be returned unless you are cancelling only part of a multi-day meeting and will require them for the remaining day(s). If you find you are unable to attend on the day itself then still try to contact them (phone would be better than email at this late stage) or get a marshal you know is at that event to pass a message for you.

4) What if I decide to volunteer at the last minute?

The BMMC system has a closing date, after which applications need to be made to the event coordinator or chief marshal. The closing date varies depending on club’s requirements but will normally be two weeks before the event to allow ticket printing, allocations, etc.

5) Why is registration with the MSA important for volunteering?

The BMMC database is linked to the MSA database. All grading is done through the MSA, and until you receive an MSA grade you will be classified as a Trainee. For example, on the BMMC volunteering system if you apply for ‘flag’ but are graded as a trainee, this will be advised to the chief marshal who will have the final decision on duty allocation.