Barrie Williams Winner 2023 – Colin Barnes

Colin has been a well-respected marshal for 25 years and extremely competent flag marshal, regularly attending Oulton Park, Anglesey events and the British Grand Prix.

He has been Chief Flag Marshal at Oulton Park for the last 10 years allocating flag posts and promoting best practice by our flag marshals.

To support this, Colin put together a team of the most experienced flag marshal to run training at our regional training events for new marshals, experienced Flag Marshals and Post Chiefs providing an invaluable training resource to the region.

The group has devised innovative flag marshal training sessions including driver’s feedback, mentoring for new marshals, most memorably a practical training session in the Oulton Park car park using bicycles, including a safety bike, for new marshals to practice flagging under the supervision of experienced flag marshals.

This year Colin advised Oulton Park circuit with the introduction of the new light signals ensuring that the existing flag points could be smoothly integrated into the new system before the first major race meeting of the year and considered to be one of the more successful implementations to date.

Colin supported the Club at national level as Treasurer from 2014 to 2020, ensuring the Club’s finances were well regulated and controlled in line with Club rules and prudent financial management. 

Since stepping down from the Treasurer role Colin is the Club’s bookkeeper.