Chair Nadine’s September message – PRC and registration renewal

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The beginning of the month was a difficult weekend in our Motorsport world with the sad loss of Anthoine Hubert and significant injuries to Juan Manuel Correa at F2 in Spa plus news that a rally marshal died in France.  A sad day and a reminder that ‘Motorsport is dangerous’ and life is fragile.  

It’s important that you take care of yourselves and each other #OrangeFamily

It’s that time of year to renew your registration with Motorsport UK.  This is not automatic – so you either need to log on to their website or contact them directly.

Don’t forget that you are declaring that you have enough attendance and training signatures to maintain your grade.

‘I can confirm that I have complied with the maintenance criteria (where appropriate) as stated in Motorsport UK’s Grading Scheme document(s) to enable me to apply for my requested Marshal Registration grade(s).’

If you can’t comply then contact them directly to confirm your grade and renew accordingly.  

The recent PRC checks produced some interesting responses…….which warrant some clarifications:

‘Motorsport UK has records of my attendance why do I need to provide them’ 

  1. Motorsport UK do not keep records of attendance at events
  2. Motorsport UK are sent details of number of marshals attending but not their names
  3. This is for training days and events
  4. Organising clubs retain details
  5. These are all in paper format and not electronic therefore manual to scrutinise

‘I don’t get my PRC signed but here’s a list of events I have done’

  1. How can Motorsport UK verify your list? (See above)
  2. It is your responsibility to maintain your grade
  3. It is easier to check your details if they are in the same format as everyone else i.e. in a PRC

‘I don’t do that duty any more but still want to retain my grade’

  1. If you don’t perform a duty why do you want to keep the grade?
  2. If you are doing other duties are these above your current grade? – if so then signatures for these days count!
  3. If you hold multiple grades then maybe you need to decide which ones to retain – and good for you if you can do enough days in all grades / disciplines you hold!

Grading may be something you see as a competition and race in itself to see how far you can get and how quickly but don’t forget to pause and ask yourself a few questions:

  1. Have I gained enough experience to perform my new grade?
  2. Can I look after trainees now I have progressed?
  3. Can I manage a team and do they have trust in me to look out for them?
  4. Would I be able to perform my role as well at another venue that is unfamiliar?

There’s no rush! Above all you MUST consider your safety and that of those around you.

My biggest concern is for the number of people who are being asked to perform duties above their training. If you volunteered to be a flag marshal and you are handed a radio you are not suddenly qualified to be a Post Chief. You can make reports if you feel able but really you are given the radio for Race Control to communicate to you or for you to ask for help.

The worst case scenario would be that your decisions could be questioned.  You should only ever react based on the level of training and experience you have received.  So do not feel obliged to do a duty if you have not had any training previously.

Above all safety is paramount – yours and your team.  And this is a hobby so enjoy yourselves!