Club Ambassador Dawn Butcher

Dawn Boyd Thumbs Up

Marshals are the unsung heroes of motorsport, out in all weathers. I am a keen marshal myself as well as a member of the BARC Rescue crew, and instead of a sponsorship livery, my race car is a rolling billboard advertising marshals.

This is my 17th year of racing. Initially through the Formula Woman competition racing a Caterham, then on to Fiesta’s, Mini Challenge, Golf Gti Mk2 (Max 1&2), Fiesta ST (Syd & Molly), Honda Civic (Fynn & Kit) and now the Golf Gti Mk5 (Seve).. yes, all my cars have names.

Advent Motorsport initially ran my Caterham and the Mini, but most of my racing career was with team Finsport, a team myself and Jay & Kim Finlay created to combine racing and a performance tuning business. I racked up over 70 trophies including 2 Championship Wins, the V-Tech Challenge in the Honda and the Production GTi 8 valve Class in the Mk2 Golf with Finsport.

In 2019 I created a new family team with my boyfriend, Andy, and calling ourselves B42’s Motorsport we built a brand new car, this time it’s a Mk5 Gti and it’s liveried up to support the Marshals.

Since then, Andy and I have got married and we’ve had some amazing success with the golf. We were forced to changed our plans recently and joined the amazing Classic VW Cup, we raced a few times with them and found our home, and now, as part of the BRSCC Evolution Trophy we just won the “unofficial Points” to be champions! The Trophy tally has grown significantly and we look forward to continuing with our Promoting the Marshals with our orange race car.

In glorious technicolour orange, black and silver we stand out and I plan to be able to provide a hot drink to any Orange Army visitor to our paddock garage and hopefully get some supporters on board who can provide a few free gifts.

More about me, my racing history and the Marshal Support Car can be found at my website to see when and where I will be racing, where to find me for a coffee, along with any features or promotions that supporters may wish to add. I’m creating this car off my own back, the only support being requested is in the form of gifts to hand out to the Orange Army. Although it is open to major sponsorship at any time!

I’m proud to have been chosen to be one of the first BMMC Brand Ambassadors. I’ve been a marshal since 2014, as a racer having been dramatically ejected from the black stuff a few times, I got talking to the orange army (whilst watching my race!) and made a friend or two, so I joined in. I thought it was about time that a racer showed support to the marshals in as big a way as possible, so the whole car is your (our) feature!


Dawn Boyd Leading The Way
Dawn Boyd Snet May 2023