Club Ambassador Duncan Douglas

A registered Rally marshal and motorsports commentator Duncan Douglas is the latest addition to the growing band of BMMC Club Ambassadors, continuing a long family tradition of association with the club.

Duncan is the Grandson of Keith Douglas, one of the BMMC’s founding members and the Douglas family have been involved in motor racing since the last 1940s’s.

Keith was himself one of the early pioneering commentators who was followed on that path by both Duncan’s father and uncle before Duncan himself continued the tradition.

His earliest memories of motor sport is of rallying and, as a registered rally marshal, Duncan is very aware of the importance of the various roles of the marshals. From his position as a commentator at motor race meetings he often sees the hard work and professionalism of the marshals, and always take time to thank them.

 Duncan said: “I am very proud to be a Brand Ambassador for the BMMC. I feel it is particularly appropriate that I promote the Club as my Grandfather, Keith, was one of the founder members.”

BMMC National Chair Nadine Lewis said: “Duncan is a welcome addition to the BMMC Club Ambassador family. As the grandson of one of our founding members it is a particularly pleasing to be able to invite Duncan to take up this honorary role, one I’m sure he and his family are proud to be able to accept.”