Grading Advice

Make Sure You Maintain Your Grade!

  • To maintain any marshalling grade (other than Trainee) you must record at least four attendance signatures each year in any of the four disciplines where you might be graded– Race, Specialist, Speed and Kart.
  • You must also record a training day at least once in every two years. A training day in one discipline will also count for any other disciplines where you hold a grade.
  • The Motorsport UK carry out regular checks to ensure that the requirements are being met, and you may be asked to provide scans of your documents. Make sure you keep a record of signatures, which must be recorded only in your PRC, or on a copy of the PRC Continuation pages.
  • There could be cases where a member has problems beyond their control which prevent them fulfilling the requirements. In 2016 the Motorsport UK issued this advice:-“The Motorsport UK fully understands that there may be times when individuals are unable to meet the maintenance of grade requirements. Such occurrences should be made known to the Motorsport UK at the earliest opportunity so that an amicable solution can be sought.”

If you should find yourself in this position please also contact your Regional Grading Officer. The BMMC will provide help and support for any valid claim for reinstatement of a lost grade.

National Grading Officer