A Guide to Successful Upgrading

You must make sure you have complied with all of the following, together with the detailed requirements for each grade shown in your PRC, and in the Motorsport UK Grading Scheme flowchart.

Remember that signatures dated before you received confirmation of a preceding upgrade from Motorsport UK cannot be counted towards a future upgrade


1) Attendance signatures:

  • An attendance signature is only valid for one duty, and can only be given when a full day, minimum 6 hours, is spent on the assigned duty.
  • For upgrades to Track Marshal and Experienced Race Marshal a mix of Incident and Flag duties is required. A signature given against split duties for Flag/Incident will not be valid for either duty.
  • Once you have recorded the requisite number of attendance signatures for your upgrade shown in your PRC, record any extra signatures on a Motorsport UK Continuation page, and not on other pages of your PRC.
  • Attendance signatures must be signed by the Chief on your post on the day, who must be a Motorsport UK registered marshal.
  • Specialist upgrades: signatures are valid from any Race, Speed and Kart meetings, in specialisms not covered by the on-circuit grades. These will include (but are not limited to) duties carried out in Paddock, Pits, Start Line, Race Communications, Assembly, Race Control, and Recovery. The Motorsport UK grading flowchart gives details of the mix of specialisms required for each upgrade.
  • Signatures are only valid if given at Motorsport UK licensed events. In practice this means you cannot collect valid signatures when marshalling outside the UK.

2) Training signatures:

  • Make sure you record signatures for all the required modules listed in your PRC.
  • Where two Training days are required these must have been signed off twelve months apart, or as close to twelve months as possible depending on the availability of training dates.

3) Upgrade Assessments:

  • An Upgrade Assessment cannot be recorded until all the required Attendance and Training signatures are in place. I would recommend that you contact your Regional Grading Officer when you think you are ready, for advice, and assistance if necessary.
  • Upgrades to Track Marshal and Experienced Race need two Assessments – for Incident and Flag. You must have all the attendance and training requirements for both duties in place before you apply for an Assessment in either of them.
  • An Upgrade Assessment can only be given by a Marshal graded at Examining level for the relevant discipline.
  • An Upgrade Assessment cannot also be counted as an Attendance signature.
  • When you feel are ready for an Assessment, contact the Chief Marshal in advance of your preferred meeting to request a placement with an Examining Marshal for Assessment. If you encounter any problems obtaining Assessments, speak to your Regional Grading Officer.
  • If you have any doubts whether you have the correct number of signatures required to request an upgrade assessment, speak to your Regional Grading Officer.

4) Submitting your upgrade

  • Complete and sign a Marshals Registration Form (MRF).
  • Make a copy of your PRC (and any Continuation pages) for safekeeping.
  • Send all the documents to your Regional Grading Officer.
  • You do not need to include any SAEs.
  • Your Regional Grading Officer will check your documents are all in order, and then forward your upgrade to me, for BMMC endorsement

Newly Registered Marshals

Your first step on the grading ladder will be to Marshal level. You need to complete the attendance and training requirements, and the Upgrade Assessment(s) as above, but there is no minimum time limit before you can upgrade.

National Grading Officer nat.grading@marshals.co.uk