Membership News

Payments Online

We are now able to accept membership payments online – please click on the relevant page whether a new member or an existing member renewing your membership. This new facility will save both you and the club time and cost in processing your membership.

Quote Your Membership Number

Please remember when corresponding with the Club to quote your membership number (not Motorsport UK number).

By providing your membership number this can help to process any inquires, renewals etc. more easily.

Postage Problems

Unfortunately, I have received forms in large letter envelopes but with only a standard rate stamp on the envelope.

This incurs a penalty charge to the club and collection from the local sorting office (a 2 hour round trip).

Please use the correct size envelope – no larger than C5 or put the correct stamp on the envelope if bigger.

BMMC Membership Renewals

As you are probably aware the Club encourages you to pay your renewal membership by Direct Debit instruction.

We would now like to encourage as a second preference, online payment for renewals.

When you receive your membership renewal notice by email it will provide a link to the online payment or you can find it on the Membership Renewal webpage.

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TELEPHONE: 01327 857346

POST TO: The Berries, 26 Little London, Silverstone, NN12 8UP