John Nicol Trophy

This trophy was raised in memory of the highly regarded Clerk of the Course and FIA Race Director who sadly died too early. He was always concerned with the welfare of all marshals and is still missed by all who had the pleasure of working with him.

The trophy is awarded to the marshal nominated as the Best Newcomer by their regional committee and was first presented in 2008.

Date Winner
2023 Anna Lambe
2022 Dave Fitzsimon
2020 Tyler Sweetman
2019 Matt Edwards
2017 James McNeil
2016 Rachel Page
2015 Darren Gallagher
2014 Fiona & Hinton Chetwood
2013 Stephanie Harding
2012 Simon Whitmarsh
2011 Nina Fountain
2010 Linda Walker
2009 Ady Magness
2008 Tony Apsion