Regalia: Subsidy Allowance Scheme

At the time of ordering, you will be required to provide Lille & FRS with your BMMC membership number.

Lille and FRS have a list of valid membership numbers to verify your order. The list will be of new marshals and those who have not had new clothing for 3 years.
If you are awaiting your membership number, please ensure that your payment has been paid by your bank, before contacting the membership secretary, on There is no need to quote your MSUK number as this will not be accepted.

  • All claims MUST be submitted by email ONLY to
  • To make a claim, you will be required to submit a “Subsidy Allowance Claim” Form.
  • Only the current format will be excepted – Download the Form
  • All claims must also be submitted with either the Lille headed paper confirmation of paid order and/or Bestworkwear (FRS Countrywear Ltd) headed paper confirmation of paid order.
  • Claims should be submitted within 30 days of receipt of order confirmation.

Only items purchased from official suppliers are eligible for the BMMC Subsidy Allowance Scheme