The BMMC operates throughout all UK Regions.

These are separated as follows, and members can access their own regional home pages and of course additional club information such as news, training days and regional newsletters.

North West

North East


South Midlands

South West

South East

Northern Ireland


Regional Chairs

Jayne Poston
Midlands Region Chair

Tel: 07725 536689

Mike Broadbent
North West Region Chair

Tel: 07548 258546

North East Region Chair
Robert Coursey
Northern Ireland Chair

Tel: 07743 370580

Andy Bumstead
South East Region Chair
Chris Whitlock
South Mids Region Chair

Tel:  01327 857011

Alex Hodgkinson
South West Region Chair

Tel: 07941 005049

John Jones
BRMC Chairman

Tel: 07766 723066