You asked…..we answered!

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We’ve had a few queries come in to the club so we would like to address these..……

Volunteering system – this is now live.  A few tweaks to some of the events, non-race events to be added and some further enhancements / features being worked on.  If you volunteer via our system you have the same rights as anyone else who volunteers direct with a club – so don’t think you are missing out!  Just ensure you volunteer in advance of the closing date – clubs do have the right to ask for earlier closing of registrations.

Membership packs – these are being sent out in one Mailshot in March.  This is the most efficient way to process the packs.  Neither your card nor car sticker is required to marshal so you don’t need them ahead of the season start.  After this renewal period closes car stickers will only be sent to new members and membership cards will be going electronic.

Accounts – a few comments raised about us cutting costs whilst enjoying a healthy bank balance.  Our accounts are currently in rude health but we mustn’t be complacent. 

  • We have sadly lost a few of our sponsors this year so will be dipping in to funds to ensure overalls remain fully subsidised – and hope to find new sponsors too.
  • Training events are supported up to 75% of the costs from British Motorsport Trust so we have to use club funds for the balance.
  • We have introduced Life Membership for individuals who have been with the club 40 years.  Although a small percentage of members at the moment this will increase year on year.  We have also kept our subscription cost the same for the last 10 years.
  • We have some ailing IT systems which we are patching together currently but will need some significant investment in the coming years.
  • Insurance and general running costs have also increased – along with everything else in life!

Overalls – you don’t need them to start marshalling and Lille are working hard this year to reduce their lead times.  They are holding a few stock items based on the last 12 months orders to manage the early part of the year rush!  So don’t wait to get started – ask your recruitment coordinators to lend you a tabard at least until your overalls are ready.

Training weekends are in full swing – so make sure you get along or dial in virtually where you can.  These should all be aligned with the new Motorsport UK Pathway so that everyone attending gets the modules they need. For new marshals to collect signatures you can download continuation sheets from Motorsport UK website or request a Record Book directly from

If you do have any queries please address them in the first instance to your Regional Committees.  They can support you with local needs, training, grading and membership questions.  Where necessary they will request support from others in order to answer your queries.  Same as in working life – if you get no answer or support then please escalate!

And for the rally enthusiasts amongst us it is great to hear that The Probite British Rally Championship [BRC] will return to free-to-air terrestrial television in 2024, after signing a multi-year deal with ITV4 and ITVX to broadcast the six-round series across the UK and the Republic of Ireland.  Great work to get this deal!

Nadine Lewis

BMMC Chair