BMMC Taster Day

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A BMMC Taster Day is a great opportunity to try your hand at marshalling for a day. They are available on selected dates at most race circuits as well as speed, hillclimb and other venues across the UK.

The format of your day will vary depending upon the venue but typically we will meet and greet you at around 08:00 hours for registration, introductions to others in the group and an initial safety briefing.

In the morning you will have a guided tour of the venue whilst practising and qualifying is underway giving you a great close-up feel of the action. You will see the marshal posts and the teams in action and then visit other facilities such as race control, pre-race assembly area, pit lane, paddock, scrutineering area, medical centre, timekeepers and a rescue vehicle.

In the afternoon we will offer you the opportunity to experience working first-hand with our marshals whether it is on circuit or in one of the many other roles. You will be looked after by marshals who will be keen to pass on their knowledge and involve you as much as possible in a safe environment.

Throughout the day you will have ample time to speak with marshals and learn about their roles, training is offered to newcomers and a great camaraderie working with a team of like-minded individuals.

At the end of the day there will be a debrief to answer any questions you may have and provided with all the information you will require if you want to take the next step. You will not be asked to give any commitment, but be warned….. It is a highly addictive hobby that gets you close to the action!

If this has whet your appetite click HERE to complete an application form. You will be contacted and offered a date and venue according to your address and once booked you will be sent tickets and all the details required to prepare you for a great experience.

The Motorsports Association [MSA], the governing body of motorsport in UK has an “Under 18 Age Policy” that can be found on our website –