Chair Nadine’s April message

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Opportunities to get involved

Our aims and objectives as a club need your help and support.  These are not just for Council and Committee members to achieve – they need all members involved to enable success.  So is there anything you can do??

Yes absolutely!

You don’t need to be a committee member to be heard (anyone can go to a committee meeting).  All committee members should be contactable to hear your concerns and ideas (email, phone, in person).  We aren’t geniuses and able to think of everything.  You may have a different perspective.  Your day job or home life may give you opportunities that could cross over in to the marshalling family.  Why not give it a go?


  • What got you interested?  A friend of mine heard it being talked about on local radio!  
  • Are there opportunities in local newspapers or on line local groups that you could contact? Your local committee can help put articles together as well as the Brand team.
  • Do your work / school / college colleagues know what you do at the weekend?
  • Is there a local club group who’d like someone to talk to them about marshalling?
  • Can you help out with a recruitment event already planned?
  • Are there events you know about which we could attend?

This is your chance to introduce new blood in to our hobby. If you’re already involved in activities don’t forget to ask for leaflets etc – we are working on updating these too!


What other items of kit should we be looking at?  Especially for non circuit disciplines?


  • Love it or hate it – it’s here to stay!  But use it responsibly.
  • Are you following our pages on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram?
  • Use our handle @BMMCUK and #OrangeFamily to build our followers and support
  • Get your friends and colleagues to follow us too – spread the word of what we do!


  • Our Brand Ambassadors are being announced in stages and if you want to learn more about them please look at our new page on the website. (
  • Also while you are there don’t forget to check if you are this months’ Prize Draw winner.

The racing season is well and truly under way so take care out there, remember your training, don’t do anything you are not sure of, ask lots of questions and help each other to gain experience.  Together we can continue to raise the profile of our volunteer force for the good of all.