Chairman Nadine’s August Message

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Training, training, training

One word that can’t be mentioned enough and an activity we should partake in as often as it’s available.

Recently BARC NW ran a mid-season training event and the BRSCC NW Rescue Unit offered BMMC marshals the opportunity to watch and partake in an extrication exercise. A great hands on experience with a couple of Historic Formula Fords belonging to a couple of BMMC marshals. What a fantastic opportunity to get involved! Trainees and experienced marshals welcome – this was not for a training signature but nonetheless useful, money-can’t-buy training that was well received. Thanks to the rescue guys and Rachel and John! Photos courtesy of Bill Gray.

Training in any form is useful and all good experience. However it is absolutely vital if you want to maintain your grade or progress further. The MSA have recently sent out the grant application forms to all UK MSA Trainers so that they can start planning their 2018 requirements. The MSA contributes a substantial sum of money towards all training in the UK. The BMMC organised events are carefully planned and managed to ensure that the modular requirements of the grading scheme are available for everyone to maintain and progress. Planning is already well underway in many regions and our National Training Officer is liaising with the regions to ensure we offer the best level of training we can around the country. Your participation helps and the comments and feedback from previous training events will be taken into account.

At this time of year the MSA also renew marshals licenses for next year. It may seem a bit premature for 2018 but avoids their year end rush with drivers! You can apply online or by post but don’t forget this is separate to your BMMC renewal which will be later in the year.

This year the MSA requested PRCs again from a number of marshals to ensure compliance with the grading scheme. As a requirement of licence renewal you must be able to comply with the grade maintenance attendance and training days statement. If you can’t comply you must apply in writing stating the reasons for non-compliance.

If your PRC was requested you have hopefully received an email to confirm your licence will be issued on application. However you may have received an email stating you are not in compliance. This may be because you have not recorded the required signatures in your PRC card. You still have time to rectify this! Either by gaining additional attendance signatures or attending the next possible training day. Or maybe you attended a training day within the last two years and can get the Training officer to provide a record of your attendance for you to scan to the MSA? Any issues please contact your local grading officer for help or clarity.

Going forward the MSA will be strictly adhering to the requirement of recording signatures in PRCs – please make every effort to make this process as painless and smooth as possible. This will make renewals simple and quick in the future.

So keep an eye out for dates in your region and take the opportunity to participate in training.

NOTE: The PRCs are checked by members of the MSA Marshals Working Group of which I am Chairman. This group consists of marshals from various organisations covering all disciplines. The objectives of the Group are to ensure marshals welfare, training and development. Anyone can raise items on the agenda through any member of the group or directly via the MSA. Therefore if you have any items for discussion please direct via your regional committees and they will forward to me to raise as appropriate.