Chairman Nadine’s June Message

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Social media – love it or hate it

So there’s Instagram, Twitter and Facebook just for starters. Ten-Tenths, YouTube and Blogging – which is kind of what this is. There are various forms of Social Media in existence and new ones appearing all the time. It’s interactive, conversational and open-ended.

It enables like-minded individuals to build communities and target specific audiences and discuss similar topics. You are probably reading this right now as a consequence of Social Media links.

The BMMC realise the importance of these tools and have pages and profiles on various sites as a consequence. We try to ensure that the topics are of interest and actively encourage responses and participation – follow us and let us know what you think.

Please remember to adhere to MSA Social Media Guidelines refer to these as a refresher.

Don’t forget if you have issues with an individual, location, club why not look closer to home instead of posting a rant on Social Media. Lots of people may be reading your posts without you knowing – anonymous subscribers who are watching. Maybe speak to the Chief Marshal, circuit representative and don’t forget your regional committees can help too.

If you have any specific topics then even let me know. Without the specifics – issues can’t be rectified. Experienced marshals saying they’re not continuing – what’s the reasons? Everyone needs to help to retain marshals – there is no magic solution for a committee to find but issues can be resolved or worked on. I am working very closely with the MSA to look at National issues to resolve so watch this space but let me know what needs doing.

Social Media can be a good thing if used in the right way – a recent picture (credit to Richard Andrews ) for capturing a BARC, BMMC and Silverstone marshal together at Goodwood Festival of Speed. What a brilliant show of togetherness!!

I hope that our aims and objectives as a club will lead to more cooperation across all MSA clubs through membership and increased active involvement in all the regional associations. Hopefully we will start listing some alternative activities on the volunteering website and it becomes a one stop shop for all the dates in your diary!

Remember Social Media can be a powerful tool so be careful what you want others to see and what you want to see too.

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