Repatriation Insurance 2018

As our world-traveller marshals start to put together their overseas dates for 2018, may I remind them of the Emergency Medical Repatriation Insurance that is unique to BMMC.

Standard holiday insurance policies will not extend cover if the Insurer discovers the need for repatriation derives from a motorsport incident, and they have not been asked, in advance, to cover this risk. The policy on offer from BMMC for fully paid up members covers this specific risk, for a single premium of £10, which covers the individual marshal from the date of taking on the insurance to when the Club’s overall Personal Accident insurance renews, on 31st December.

The cover is up to £50,000 for any one person. Current tables show the most expensive repatriation is from the West Coast of the USA, at £35,000, so this should be adequate cover. Note you may require this cover for Channel Islands & Isle of Man events.

Arrange cover as soon as you have booked for your first overseas event, as follows

  • There is a nominal £10.00 fee for a certificate that will be issued by email by our brokers
  • Pay by BACS to HSBC 40-39-11 Account BMMC Ltd 71061968 or send a £10.00 cheque payable to BMMC Ltd to the BMMC Bookkeeper: C/o Sarah Merkl, Accounts Support Services, 6 Scythe Road, DAVENTRY NN11 0WN.
  • Email to with copies to stating your full name, BMMC membership number, first day of travel and method of payment selected.

I will notify our Insurers, who will respond direct to you with a certificate of insurance, which contains all details about making a claim. NB: Claims must be made direct to the contact named on the Certificate; you cannot arrange your own repatriation and then claim.

Remember, this is in addition to new Personal Accident insurance this year that provides fully paid up members with Motorsport UK-type PA insurance for overseas events.

Any queries to me at:

Regards, Colin Barnes – National Treasurer