Volunteering Information

The volunteering database is accessible to any member of the BMMC.

For rally events (Forest / Closed Road / Single Venues / Targa and Cross country) please refer to the BRMC website and Facebook calendar of events.

Each event on the database is populated with date / time / location information. For many events you can volunteer online by selecting your duty and volunteering directly with the organising club. Some events will require direct application through the organisers and their details are included in the event information accordingly.

Your information is provided (under GDPR regulations) to the organisers for the event by their requested closing date – by email / by spreadsheet etc. If you have any specific requests / issues with an event, please contact the Chief Marshal directly.
A website link is provided for the organiser – this may link directly to the event but if not please search their calendar for further details as required. The organisers will update these details in the weeks leading up to the event so keep checking for updates.
Sign-on procedures differ for each organising club so please refer to the event information on the organisers’ website – they would normally be available one week before the event. You would also find the sign-on times and locations in the same place along with any final instructions which may be required.ase contact nat.volco@marshals.co.uk

Please note that the volunteering database is updated by regional volunteering coordinators who can only enter the information they are provided. If you spot an error that you can help with, please contact them directly to assist.

Tickets are mostly sent out electronically where required – these are provided by the venue to the organising club for distribution. You should expect to receive these up to a week in advance of the event. If not received, please contact the Chief Marshal.

Please note that the BMMC would like to maintain a record of the number of events our members have volunteered for. Therefore, if you volunteer directly with an organising club please also volunteer through our system for the event – by clicking the box marked “volunteered with organising club”. Your details will not then be sent to the organising club as they will have already received your notification directly from yourself.

The database is normally populated in January of each year with all available events and then maintained throughout the course of the year as necessary.