2020 – end of a year…

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I am not normally one for wishing my life away but I think I am not alone to be glad once this year is finally over.  To all those who have suffered this year: personally, physically, financially, psychologically – my heart goes out to you.  If you need support don’t forget your regional committees but also our Employee Assistance Programme is available.

I think more than ever this year we all recognize what is important to us – and who is important to us!  For me – my family (they don’t live close by), my friends and my orange family have all been missed immeasurably.  Strangely I have seen more of my work colleagues – via TEAMs meetings – than before as some of them are not based in my office location.  But it has still been odd not to actually have a coffee with a colleague or a chat by the photocopier.  

I just hope everyone can enjoy the festivities to some extent.  Let’s follow the rules but let’s hope it allows us to meet with our nearest and dearest even if for a short while.  Then I’m off in to hibernation – eating myself in to a food coma and promising myself that I will diet in 2021!!

The weekend of 28 and 29 November was FIA Volunteers Weekend, celebrating those who dedicate their time to make motor sport possible around the world and Saturday 5 December is International Volunteer Day.  Thank you to each and everyone of you!  Volunteers ARE Motorsport and this year I am so proud of what each and every one of you has achieved – your dedication, professionalism and adaptability has been outstanding!

We have our National Council and AGM next week but this will be my last blog of the year – so I will take this opportunity to say a massive thank you to both Neil Stretton who has retired as SE Chair and Colin Barnes who is stepping down as our National Treasurer (but becoming our Bookkeeper) for their support and dedication to the club over a number of years.  

Every single member of Regional Committees and National Council put in extra volunteering hours to support the running of the club.  This year has been no exception – even if you maybe haven’t seen them as much at events – I can assure you that everyone has continued to dedicate time to the club to ensure its future, our members well-being and  Motorsport future as a whole.  They deserve recognition and thanks from us all – as well as support and will welcome more committee members!  You don’t have to wait until next years’ AGM to step forward either – please contact your local committee Secretary or Chair for details

Renewals are open – and the 50% deduction valid until 31 January 2021.  Direct Debits will be taken in the first week of January.

Don’t forget that we still have Face masks available via our National Regalia Officer Eric Ridler – the requirement to wear one will be with us for some time yet.

I am in the middle of putting up our Christmas decorations – yes I know it’s early but friends and neighbours are well ahead!  And it’s certainly never too early for a mince pie or two.

I sincerely wish you all a very Merry Christmas and a Happy, Healthy and Safe New Year