A delayed start to September……..sorry about that it was my birthday!

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It is good to see so many of you are upgrading.  Motorsport UK are a little behind with processing due to holidays and being reduced in numbers.  Hopefully we will have a new marshals liaison confirmed soon to help with this process – so be patient!

Don’t forget to make sure you have all the necessary signatures when you book your assessment through the Chief marshal of an event.  The Examining grade assigned to do your assessment will check your photo – so if you don’t have one on your PRC make sure you hand over your Motorsport UK registration card for verification – your 2020 card is still valid this year!

And talking of which a few people have had issues with renewing online for Motorsport UK for 2022 – we have been advised there is a timing issue with the new system for some trainees.  This means that you will need to complete the form by post instead this time. Please send your forms to your Regional Grading Officer for authorisation.

For any brand new members, you will be asked to complete the online training with Motorsport UK before you can register – please don’t forget to share your registration number with our Membership Secretary once completed.

I am delighted to confirm that John Edwards has accepted the role of National Secretary and we didn’t put him off with our National Council meeting on 1 September!  Some good lively discussion – website updates (any new photos?) / National awards (it’s that time again!) / Marshals Pathway (new registrations and the outline for next year’s plan) plus a round up of regional plans and activities and items to take forward to Motorsport UK.   We meet again in three months time via Zoom and plan to have the AGM on Sunday 5th December virtually as well to enable more members to attend.

It has been brought to my attention that a number of marshals have been subjected to both verbal and physical abuse at events.  This is abhorrent and totally intolerable.  Please report such instances to the Chief marshal immediately if you are the victim or witness such events.  If you do not feel they have been dealt with appropriately, please raise to your local committee or direct to me.  I have raised a number of concerns direct to Motorsport UK already and they have been dealt with very swiftly.

I have been interviewed a number of times as Chair by various groups and for different publications – particularly about discrimination.  I have never felt discriminated against for being a woman and have always had a “why can’t I” attitude but I recognise that we are a very male dominated sport and this can appear intimidating.  Even on taster days I get asked if I actually marshal or if I am just showing people around.  So it would be great to spotlight our differences – as far as I am concerned the only barrier to entry is to be minimum 11 years old!

Another year older then – hopefully a little wiser and I have certainly learned a lot in the last 12 months.