A Sea of orange …

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Photo: Peter Hamilton

April was a busy month with most venues seeing some form of activity – including stage rallies at some of the circuits.

I was out and about at Oulton Park, Donington and Goodwood and May looks set to be a busy month too.

There have been a few big incidents at various venues already this year – thankfully all injured parties are making full recoveries.  A couple of scary ones at Oulton where the roll hoops have collapsed were dealt with impeccably and some amazing responses from the drivers involved thanking the “sea of orange” that came to help.  Well done to everyone involved.

Unfortunately there was an incident at the Goodwood Members Meeting where a marshal was hurt – bruised thankfully – but I will take the opportunity to offer some advice.

Don’t ever feel obliged to do something you are not comfortable with or had training on.   We have a system at my place of work called a “Stop Work Authority”.  This means anyone (and yes “anyone” could be the newbie) can say that something is not right and the work needs to stop.  If it doesn’t look right, feel right or the wrong equipment is being used – stopping the work prevents an incident and potential injury.  There is no harm in applying this to a marshal situation too.  Nobody should feel obliged to do something – on the say so of another – if they don’t feel comfortable doing it.

Sometimes in the heat of the moment – a driver being particularly vociferous – needs a diplomatic approach to calm the situation and wait for assistance.  Even telling the driver that help is on the way recognises their needs but ensures you are comfortable to continue.

I also need to note that Lights were used as priority over flags at the recent first round of the BTCC at Donington Park.  I can assure you that there has been substantial correspondence with Motorsport UK and I await further updates before I am able to share anything with you all.  I have kept the Regional Chairs and National Officers informed of the communication accordingly.

We have started our Taster day programme for the year and great to hear (and see on ITV4) Paul O’Neill give our recruitment stand a mention – which has generated interest online too.  Great work from everyone involved in these important activities to spotlight our hobby for others.

*Please note that due to holidays any subsidy and expense claims could be delayed in May – our bookkeeper Colin is taking a few weeks off but will ensure everything is processed as quickly as possible for you.*

Take care out there and I might see you out and about.

Nadine Lewis
BMMC Chair