2019 volunteering database

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The dates for 2019 are now available on the volunteering database – www.marshals.co.uk/volunteering

We have tried this year to get all dates verified by the relevant Chief marshals and the volunteering coordinators have added accordingly.  We hope they are all correct but please contact the relevant regional coordinator if you spot a potential error (they are human!)

Some Chiefs have requested individual emails every time someone volunteers – others have requested downloads at specific intervals before the event date itself.  For some events you need to contact the Chief marshal direct.

Please therefore ensure that you volunteer only once for an event.

Note:  you may not get a confirmation.  So please presume that your application is accepted.

You will receive your tickets / event information etc. approximately one week in advance.  If nothing heard by this point please contact the relevant volunteering coordinator who may be aware of delayed tickets etc. Or can advise you to contact the Chief marshal or club as necessary.  Don’t forget many of them are volunteers too!

And most importantly if you find you can’t attend then please cancel.  If past the close date then contact the Chief marshal directly – even a text on the day!

Happy volunteering and have a safe and fun 2019