‘Tis the season to…

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….support your regional committees and National Council.  Regional committees have completed their AGMs and the National AGM takes place this Sunday 3 December.  Have you considered joining a committee?  Have you asked to see what is involved?  As a membership organisation we make decisions on your behalf – but do you want to play a bigger part in this process?  Is there something you have a talent for and could support the club?  Why not put out some feelers and see if you could spare a few hours a week in a new role?

 ….renew your membership of the BMMC.  Renewals will open shortly – once the handover to our new National Membership Secretary is completed and a notice will be forthcoming on how you can complete this process.  If you have already set up a Direct Debit we will be confirming the date this will be taken in January too.  It’s a little later than normal but you have to the end of March to renew. 

 ….check if you need to attend training.  If you just need a refresher to maintain your grade maybe you could do some online training and a couple of hours face to face to keep up to date.  Or maybe you are looking to upgrade and need those signatures to complete the process?  Check out the Motorsport UK pathway (https://motorsportuk.s3.eu-west-2.amazonaws.com/wp-content/uploads/2023/06/20161944/2023-06-08-Marshals-Pathway-Interactice-2.pdf) or ask your regional grading and or training coordinators for support.  And don’t forget to update your Motorsport UK registration too.

 ….get your Christmas gift wish list in early – maybe there is something you fancy from our new online shop? (https://www.marshals.co.uk/regalia/). Or is there any other kit which needs replacing before you put it away in storage?

 ….plan a trip to Autosport Show at Birmingham NEC.  We will be there – details of the stand will follow in January but you can get your discounted tickets from Motorsport UK (https://www.motorsportuk.org/autosport-international-back-at-the-nec-in-january-2024/)

 …get yourself lost in YouTube replays of motorsport action / get another beer (insert drink of choice here!) from the fridge / eat your own body weight in food. Or on the other hand plan a Winter event to attend – there’s still plenty on.  The Roger Albert Clark rally last weekend was epic!  And there’s more to come……with rallies / autotests / trials / Plum Pudding at Mallory anyone? 

Whatever way you decide to spend the festive period – remember it’s different for everyone and however you spend Christmas remember it’s yours and don’t believe Social Media to tell you otherwise. Wishing you a very Merry Christmas and a Happy and Safe New Year in 2024.

Nadine Lewis
BMMC Chair