Chair’s March message – Congratulations and recognition

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A great aspect of my role as Chair is to recognise the efforts and achievements of our membership.

Council decide the winners of our National awards based on regional nominations.  The nominations for the Marshal of the Year were also sent to Motorsport UK and although no member of BMMC won the accolade they were all recognised for their achievements.

Congratulations to our worthy winners this year of our National awards are as follows:

David Leslie Cadet Marshal of the Year – Oliver Anslow (Mids Region)

John Nicol New Marshal of the Year – Matt Edwards (NW Region)

Barrie Williams Marshal of the Year – Bob Sketchley (SM Region)

It is worth noting that the trophies are all named after special individuals who have supported our club over some time.  More details will follow on our website in due course for everyone to understand some of our history.  However Council wanted to recognise the partners of these gentlemen and their ongoing support of the club.  

We are therefore delighted to say that the following have accepted Honorary membership of the club:

            Jane Leslie

            Debs Nicol

            Kathryn Marshall

Furthermore Sally Bamber has been added to our list of Honorary members.  With copyright to the “Heroes” design being granted to the club it is only right that we recognise Jim’s unstinting support of the club and respect of marshals.

And last but not least Herbie Blash has advised he is unable to devote as much time to the club and consequently has stepped down as a Vice President – we’ve made him an Honorary member in recognition of his many years of support too.

With training days taking place around the country – I was at Oulton and Bedford and going to Anglesey at the weekend for a joint rally and race training day – it’s great to see so many members brushing up on their skills or learning new ones.  Some great input from participants to feedback to trainers on what you are really wanting to learn too!

We took the opportunity to clear out our marshalling cupboard at home during one of our recent stormy weekends.  Thankfully nothing there that shouldn’t be (mouldy sandwiches, rotten bananas!) but good to check what we’ve got and what may need replacing through the season.  Don’t forget your entitlement to subsidies through the club if your kit is in need of replacement.  I even purchased a new BMMC umbrella at training day (great addition to the catalogue Eric!)

My calendar is full to bursting for the year – including a family wedding, birthdays and anniversaries to celebrate – hoping to make it to a couple of different venues this year too.  Hope you are planning yours and using the volunteering system to see what’s on.  Remember – please only volunteer for an event once otherwise the Chief Marshals may think there are more volunteers than there are.  And equally please let them know if your plans change and you can’t make it.

Another reminder about Social Media to finish – your comments could result in action being taken by BMMC, Motorsport UK, or other interested parties if necessary.  Please think before you type!