Support after incidents

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The first time you witness an incident your reaction may be unexpected.  Serious accidents requiring medical intervention maybe infrequent and your reaction to what you have witnessed may be delayed.

We recommend that you talk to someone after such an incident.  This could be your team on the day, your Post Chief or the Chief Marshal.  If you are feeling uncomfortable or uncertain in anyway maybe a reassuring chat with the Rescue Crew would help.  In some situations you may require further help and this is completely understandable.

As a next step please contact your local committee members including your Chairman who will have probably been advised of the incident already.

We as a club do not currently offer counselling services but the MSA does have this capability for signed on officials who have been directly involved in dealing with a serious incident.  We are working very closely with them to ensure the mechanism for using these services is made public and will publish an article as soon as appropriate on our website.

In the meantime if anyone is affected by any incidents in any way you may contact me in the strictest confidence and I will assist you to get the support you require.

Nadine Lewis

National Chairman

01606 781840