Chairman Nadine’s March Message

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Branding……what’s it all about?

Our Council meeting in February was preceded by a Brand team afternoon with the Directors of the Club.  We asked everyone to put their thinking caps on and broke in to smaller groups to discuss ideas – these discussions continued into the evening and the following morning.  More specifics on this will follow soon… rally be ready is all I will say.

So what on earth did we discuss?  And what is Branding?

We don’t want to go all corporate with buzzwords but we need to recognise that BMMC is a brand.  We want people to identify with it and we need to look after it.  It’s been around a while (ok so it changed from BMRMC) but nonetheless it represents a large group of people with a common interest in motorsport.

We discussed what it means and feels like to be part of this club – we are a group of dedicated, professional volunteers.  An “Orange Family” which is welcoming and shows appreciation.

We want to ensure a consistent message is given across all regions (new MailChimp headers, templates for documents etc.) – so we are looking to update our recruitment resources, website and Social Media channels.  This will make us look even more professional and accessible.  Providing a tool box of resources that any region can call on to deliver training, club message etc. will help everyone and encourage new members.

Working with our sponsors and encouraging new ones will be a key objective.  Additionally bringing clarity to members benefits and introducing new ones for you all to enjoy!

The introduction of Brand Ambassadors – we have some great advocates already signed up – will help promote awareness of the club, our members and volunteer status throughout the sport.

The Brand Team is lead by Dave Smithson(NW) as Brand and Communications Officer.  Together with Rob Lee (NW) and Joe Watts (M) they are managing our Social Media output – creating interest both inside and outside the membership. 

Branding doesn’t have to hurt but in fact should do some good!

Just a couple of other notices….

Our EMR – repatriation insurance – has increased this year to £20.  This is an annual cost to cover multiple trips.  Please read the small print and refer the details on the website if you are considering marshalling abroad (

Overalls – unfortunately there has been a shortage of some of the badges for our sponsors.  Due to this orders have been delayed being shipped as long as possible.  For those who ordered through AWS and any new orders through Lille without the relevant badges we will forward to you once received.  And kindly request that you attach accordingly.  Further announcements about overalls will occur in due course – watch this space!

Finally – take care out there.  The season is just gearing up in many areas – complete your training, fill in your PRC and maybe have a check on your kit before it’s too late?!