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Chair’s March message – Congratulations and recognition

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A great aspect of my role as Chair is to recognise the efforts and achievements of our membership.

Council decide the winners of our National awards based on regional nominations.  The nominations for the Marshal of the Year were also sent to Motorsport UK and although no member of BMMC won the accolade they were all recognised for their achievements.

Congratulations to our worthy winners this year of our National awards are as follows:

David Leslie Cadet Marshal of the Year – Oliver Anslow (Mids Region)

John Nicol New Marshal of the Year – Matt Edwards (NW Region)

Barrie Williams Marshal of the Year – Bob Sketchley (SM Region)

It is worth noting that the trophies are all named after special individuals who have supported our club over some time.  More details will follow on our website in due course for everyone to understand some of our history.  However Council wanted to recognise the partners of these gentlemen and their ongoing support of the club.  

We are therefore delighted to say that the following have accepted Honorary membership of the club:

            Jane Leslie

            Debs Nicol

            Kathryn Marshall

Furthermore Sally Bamber has been added to our list of Honorary members.  With copyright to the “Heroes” design being granted to the club it is only right that we recognise Jim’s unstinting support of the club and respect of marshals.

And last but not least Herbie Blash has advised he is unable to devote as much time to the club and consequently has stepped down as a Vice President – we’ve made him an Honorary member in recognition of his many years of support too.

With training days taking place around the country – I was at Oulton and Bedford and going to Anglesey at the weekend for a joint rally and race training day – it’s great to see so many members brushing up on their skills or learning new ones.  Some great input from participants to feedback to trainers on what you are really wanting to learn too!

We took the opportunity to clear out our marshalling cupboard at home during one of our recent stormy weekends.  Thankfully nothing there that shouldn’t be (mouldy sandwiches, rotten bananas!) but good to check what we’ve got and what may need replacing through the season.  Don’t forget your entitlement to subsidies through the club if your kit is in need of replacement.  I even purchased a new BMMC umbrella at training day (great addition to the catalogue Eric!)

My calendar is full to bursting for the year – including a family wedding, birthdays and anniversaries to celebrate – hoping to make it to a couple of different venues this year too.  Hope you are planning yours and using the volunteering system to see what’s on.  Remember – please only volunteer for an event once otherwise the Chief Marshals may think there are more volunteers than there are.  And equally please let them know if your plans change and you can’t make it.

Another reminder about Social Media to finish – your comments could result in action being taken by BMMC, Motorsport UK, or other interested parties if necessary.  Please think before you type! 

February bulletin – new beginnings

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Firstly I have to say congratulations to the brand, recruiting and BRMC teams who made Autosport such a success.  The new stands looked fantastic and the feedback was positive.  

The new BRMC logo looks great and the Teamwear smart – great idea by Kim Durose.  Congratulations too to Ian Evans who was awarded the inaugural Rally Marshal of the Year trophy too. 

Teamwear is now available to purchase with the BRMC logo direct from the supplier, details via the BRMC website here –

I also have to take this opportunity to thank Eric for his previous 20 years of supporting and setting up our stand at the Autosport show.  

This year certainly felt like we made our mark!  Motorsport UK attended our BRMC trophy presentation and Jayne Poston, Oliver Anslow and I had an interview session on their stand on the Saturday afternoon.  I also made a couple of presentations to tell people what we do.  

Better advertising next year could make this a real feature.  Our next show is Race Retro at the end of this month.  If you are able to support any recruiting activities in your area please contact your local recruitment officer – they will welcome the help!

Our membership packs will be shipping out shortly – this is a huge job for one person (thanks Dave!) so please be patient.  Renewals need to be submitted by end of March to be in with a chance of winning our star prize of a drive at Bedford Autodrome courtesy of MSV.  (You will need to make your own way there and meet an MSV representative to accept your prize).  Your pack will also include important information about our Employee Assistance Programme. 

Motorsport UK are shortly releasing a survey to understand exactly what encourages people to volunteer.  I urge you to answer as honestly as possible for all roles you perform (questions repeat for different areas) – this will help shape some of the work of the Marshals Advisory Group in ensuring recruitment, retention, recognition and welfare of marshals is a paramount in the activities governed by Motorsport UK.  

We are also looking to simplify the understanding and documentation associated with the grading scheme – a key area for the group this year!  So watch this space and input your ‘constructive’ ideas (we know what the issues are!).

A gentle reminder about Social Media guidelines  –

What you may think is a harmless comment or joke can be seen as disrespectful, threatening or quite simply a whinge!  

Many organisations monitor all forms of Social Media and aren’t always supportive or tolerant.  Please be mindful that new, young marshals could be easily influenced by your “views” and may not get the full picture.  If you have genuine issues or concerns please raise through the relevant channels and not on a public forum.  Your local committees (and up to me) want to hear from you to make our lot a better place.

BMMC 2020 Insurance Policies
Details of our Personal Accident policy are available to view –

All members are encouraged to volunteer using our online system as this automatically records your attendance for insurance purposes.

If you volunteer direct to the organising club you will still be covered, but to make sure we know what meetings you are doing please tick the “for insurance purposes only” box in the online system or send your Volunteering Coordinator a list of all the meetings you want insurance cover for, making clear you have already volunteered via the organising club.

Details of the BMMC Emergency Medical Repatriation policy and how to arrange cover are available to view online

Our first Council meeting of the year is approaching so I must complete my report and prepare for new ideas and decision making.  Let your regional Chairs know what we should be working on.

Family time matters says new President Ben

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There’s little better than being with people who get where we come from, understand our foibles and strengths, share a laugh about them all and get on with whatever needs doing.

That message was reinforced to me this January when a whistle-stop tour around the country threw me in with relatives in Yorkshire and Oxfordshire, a happy group of dogs in Leicestershire, motorsport colleagues in Northamptonshire and marshals in Norfolk.

Connecting with people (and dogs!) that share common interests allows us to feel satisfied and happy. We learn from them, we teach them, we combine our strengths to achieve objectives that we could never manage on our own.

Opening Horizons

When I arrived at Snetterton circuit to understand more about one of the key pre-season training days, one of the first people I met was 13yo Alfie, along with his folks Shaun and Zoe. 

Alfie is a cadet marshal who decided he wanted to give marshalling a try last year. He loves cars, and the idea of being close to powerful GT machinery as it rumbles past while

having a role to play in the whole organisation of the event made him feel excited. Cadets

between 11-16yo are not allowed to be on flag posts or in the pit lane, but they can help organise the Assembly area so the excitement of telling the driver of a Lamborghini Huracan where to position his car before being released to the grid can be a real buzz.

Shaun has never done any marshalling himself but is quite happy to come along for a whole day at a race meeting and give Alfie his support, and to be there if anything doesn’t quite work out.

One family is integrating itself into the broader family of marshals, and as I headed around the different training areas at the track, that message of bonding together through a common interest came across very strongly.

Digging into Detail

Out on the start/finish straight, an exercise in dealing with an injured driver was going on with paramedics explaining some of the basic procedures of safely moving an individual who has suffered an accident. 

Not far way, in a room attached to the scrutineering bay, marshals were learning how to fill in report forms accurately so that the Race Director or Clerk of the Course would have accurate information when it came to analysing a particular incident.

In all of the groups there was a mixture of young people and seasoned veterans all working

together to improve their capabilities at the circuit. In a room above the pits, the challenge of

ensuring that flag signals are seen clearly by the drivers was being discussed. 

Single seater drivers sit low and their perspective is different from a Touring Car driver whose crash helmet is surrounded by head protection and a narrow strip of windscreen. A flag may need to be in a different position for those two different categories.

Mind you, not everyone wants to be a flag marshal. 15yo Shannon will no longer be a cadet later this year, but she doesn’t want to get a load of grief for waving the blue flag at the wrong time, so she’s going to concentrate on other areas. But that’s fine; there are so many aspects to the role that nobody should end up doing something they don’t want to. 

After all, volunteers are unlikely to come back unless they are enjoying themselves.

One for All and All for One…

Down at the fire training area, Emma Cook told me she has been marshalling for two years thanks to signing up to a taster day at a BTCC meeting. She was completely at ease wielding a fire extinguisher around the training area, but so far she hasn’t had to deal with a fire in an actual race.

She thoroughly enjoys being on a flag post with several others, and they operate as a team within a team, moving from one post to another at each race meeting and getting a different perspective on the day’s activities.

Friendships are forged through sharing experiences together, and marshalling has clearly created many valuable bonds over the years as well as forming the backbone to our powerful motorsport scene in the UK.

There is true pride and accomplishment in being a member of the #OrangeFamily.


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The British Rally Marshals Club (BRMC) has unveiled a new identity at Autosport International today (9thJanuary, 2020) as it embarks on a celebration of its 40th Anniversary this year.

The new look logo has been designed by club member Kim Durose following a competition open to all members to create a design that reflected a fresh, new, innovate and modern look for the BRMC.

Joining BRMC Chair John Jones for the official unveiling today was Malcom Wilson, Managing Director of M-Sport, who helped formally reveal the new club logo.

Speaking after the launch BRMC Chair John Jones said: “We were delighted with both the response we received from club members to the competition and the quality of entries.

“The committee particularly liked Kim’s submission and with a few tweaks at the graphic design stage we’re really pleased with the end result that we are launching today.

“Motorsport at every level relies heavily on the support of the volunteer marshals so it’s important we present a modern, innovative and forward-looking image to the wider public at events such as this when our key objective is recruiting new members.

“We look forward to celebrating the rest of the BRMC’s 40th Anniversary year and welcoming others to our club.”

To view the new look identity for the BRMC visit their stand at Autosport International in Hall 3 Stand No 3545.

Chair Nadine’s New Year’s resolutions

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It’s the start of a New Year, a new decade and a new term in office for me as Chair of BMMC.

I have decided on some new aims and objectives to build on where we have already come so far.


1.         Provide communication and support to all marshals and potential members

Website to develop – we need to attract new people so new pages to develop

MailChimp to clarify recipients – some of you won’t get this as you’ve unsubscribed

Agree timing of messages – some of you aren’t happy with the content or frequency

2.         Simplify Council reports and meetings

                        We need to be sure we are explaining our actions – so simplification is key

3.         Committees to enable maximum relevant contact points for members

Ensure relevant content shared via Social Media

Attracting more members on to Committees – it’s your Club after all

4.         Recruit new marshals – increase membership to 2,500 members

Taster days – ensure uniformity

Ensure regional contact point and follow up

Work with Motorsport UK to embrace all possibilities 

5.         Raise money for Race Against Dementia – our nominated charity of the year. 

So hopefully this covers some areas you want to see develop but there’s space for some more objectives on here – so what am I missing?  Forgotten? 


We are reaching a club milestone for BRMC – 40 years recognised as a club for rally enthusiasts.  We are launching a new logo and branding at Autosport at the weekend.  Stand 3545 is the place – or watch Social Media for updates – a few teasers are out there already!

BMMC will be on stand 2392 with a new look too – tell us what you think.  We are trying to bring clarity and identification to our stands.  So this is our starter with some great work from the Brand team (and supporting cast!)

Lille have also a stand at Autosport this year and will be taking orders, measurements and answering queries for you on stand 2730

Sponsors have all agreed to continue for 2020 so our overalls are still fully subsidised despite a slight increase from Lille.  Thanks as always go to Ginetta, MGCC, Cataclean, Polyflor, NGK, TIGA and CSCC.

Our membership renewal process is now open for 2020 – many of our members take advantage of our direct debit scheme which has now been processed.  All membership packs will start being distributed in early February but once you’ve paid you are good to go!  

Our volunteering system is also in the process of being populated so you can start planning the year ahead.  I hope you got all your brownie points in at home to ensure you get to play out!  See you out and about – hopefully some of you will visit Autosport.  The year definitely feels like it’s ready to go – so ladies and gentlemen…………please START..YOUR..ENGINES!!!

Chair Nadine’s December bulletin – Festive Greetings

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Today (5 Dec) is International Volunteers day and so I say a huge thank you to all of you – Volunteers ARE Motorsport.  You should all be very proud of yourselves.

We had our final Council meeting of the year and AGM last Sunday at Milton Keynes.  Thank you to those of you who took the time to attend the AGM – it’s always good to see familiar as well as new faces.

My third year as National Chair comes to a rapid close – multiple circuit visits, training and AGMs mean I have managed to meet many of our members as well as maintain my signatures on my PRC!  I offered myself for re-election as required under Club rules and no-one objected – so I am here for another three years!

I made a few key announcements in my AGM report – full details of which will be published in due course so that you can read all of the submitted reports.  But here are the details of those announcements:

  • We need to support our members to ensure that other issues don’t get in the way of your marshalling.  I am therefore really pleased to announce that we are implementing an ‘Employee Assistance Programme’ for all members.  Details will be provided in renewal packs in January but essentially this is a Confidential Helpline Service run by a respected external organisation available 24/7 to discuss any issues you have – health, finance, relationships as well as counselling required as a consequence of marshalling.  Some of you may be lucky enough to benefit from a scheme through your employment but not all.  Hopefully you will never need it but good to know there is something available to all.
  • Next year marks a milestone for the BRMC and we are looking forward to celebrating the 40th anniversary starting with a new logo and branding to be launched at Autosport in January.  BRMC stand no 3545 is near the WRGB area and BMMC will have a new look stand too – no 2392 in the racing area of Hall 2.  So please come and visit and support if you can.
  • We decided this year to support a charity at a National level and though this campaign has just started I am hopeful we will be able to raise some funds for Race Against Dementia throughout 2020.
  • We have been without a Club President for over a year as we took our time to find a suitable replacement to Barrie Whizzo Williams.  I am now delighted to be able to announce that Ben Edwards, current F1 commentator for C4 has agreed to take on the role of Club President.  Ben, was in Abu Dhabi for the last round of F1, so unable to join us on the day but he looks forward to being active within and for the club going forward.

A number of individuals are stepping down from Council this year – and in no particular order I would like us to thank:

  • Steve Malec, Grading Officer replaced by Rob Mugurian NW
  • Pete Wilson, Recruitment Officer replaced by Jayne Poston Mids
  • Mike Shorley, Speed and Hillclimbs replaced by Pete Lawton NW
  • John Watson, NE Chair replaced by Lynne Kendall NE
  • Ian Berry, Chair of Donington ES team replaced by Diane Hardy Mids

Between them a staggering number of decades on Council!  Steve, Pete, Mike, John and Ian have been given well deserved Life Memberships of the club and I thank them all for their amazing dedication and phenomenal support – all making the club run efficiently and providing such superb advice for our members.  I wish them all well and hope to still see them out and about ………Their successors have big boots to fill and I wish them every success in their new roles and ask you the members to support as necessary.

Our renewal process is not yet open for 2020 – many of our members take advantage of our direct debit scheme which is processed in early January.  All membership packs will be distributed early next year – so hang fire!  We will send out a reminder once the final quirks of our IT upgrade are ironed out.

Yes it’s early December but this is my last blog before the festivities – some of you may have already started (we had our works Christmas party on Friday!).  

So I will conclude by wishing you all a very Merry Christmas and a Happy, Healthy and Safe New Year.


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At its Annual General Meeting today (1st December 2019) the British Motorsports Marshals’ Club (BMMC) ratified the appointment of Ben Edwards as its new BMMC President following the sad loss of Barry “Whizzo” Williams last year.

The voice of F1 for Channel 4 for the last four years, and the BBC for the previous three years, Edwards has a long and distinguished career in motorsport and becomes the sixth BMMC President in the Club’s 62-year history.

Ben started in motorsport as a weekend mechanic, becamea racing driver and instructor, won 2 National motor racing titles and then swapped steering wheel for microphone to establish himself as one of the foremost commentators in the world.  His racing exploits included Formula Ford, Formula First and the Vauxhall Lotus series where he raced against Mika Hakkinen, Allan McNish, Gil De Ferran and David Coulthard.  He was a senior instructor at the Brands Hatch Racing School, working with the legendary Tony Lanfranchi, and remembers teaching Jackie Stewart’s son Paul some of the basics of circuit driving. 

His commentating debut also came at the Kent circuit, where encouraged by Brands stalwart Brian Jones, he quickly became absorbed in the process of communicating his favourite sport. 

He made his TV commentating debut alongside Tiff Needell in 1987, became a regular on Eurosport in 1993 and covered Formula One with Eurosport in 1995-96. 

Four years spent covering the US racing scene were followed by another year of F1 in 2002 for Sky, when he also became ITV’s voice of the British Touring Car Championship. World Championship Speedway, Powerboats, A1GP and World Rally have all come under his umbrella since then and he voiced the official F1 highlights DVD for many years.

In 2008 he commentated several Grand Prix for ‘F1 in Cinema’ while in 2010 Superleague Formula and FIA GT1 World Championship were added to the list.

He enjoys writing about the sport, and still competes occasionally in order to maintain that link between race fan and driver.

Speaking on his appointment Ben Edwards said: “It is a real honour to take on this role, as I have nothing but admiration for the dedication and excellence of Britain’s marshals. I was blown away when I was approached to be President, although that may have been because we were in Anglesey at the time. 

“Whizzo was a legend and filling his boots is impossible, especially as I’m only a size 7, but I am looking forward to engaging with the Club and celebrating the passion for motorsport that stretches from F1 to local car club meetings. Thank you for having me.”

BMMC Chair Nadine Lewis said: “We have consciously taken our time finding a suitable successor to Barry “Whizzo” Williams, his passing was a huge loss to the whole motorsports community.

“After much deliberation, the BMMC Council agreed to approach Ben and invite him to succeed Barry and needless to say we are absolutely delighted he has agreed to take on this role.

“We look forward to working with Ben and his help in raising the profile of the work our 2,400+ BMMC members undertake week in, week out.”


It’s beginning to look a lot like…..

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…we’re almost ready for Autosport International 2020!

There may be a few things on your shopping list at this time of year that you must sort out soon. But are your tickets for next year’s Autosport International show at the NEC top of the list?

BMMC Hall 2 stand no 2392
The BMMC stand will feature a new look design in 2020 and will be the ideal platform for the club to showcase the benefits of being a member of the #OrangeFamily. We are hoping to see many of our Club Ambassadors at the show, meet friends old and new, while looking forward to the season ahead.

So if you are heading to Birmingham in January make sure you pop by and say hello to the team.

BRMC Hall 3 stand no 3545
Our colleagues at the BRMC will also be showcasing their offer to potential new recruits at the NEC but also have some really exciting news to announce in January.

The BRMC celebrates its 40th anniversary in 2020 and to mark the occasion they are launching a new look identity and BRMC logo on Thursday 9th January at Autosport International. Plans are well advanced for what is going to be a memorable show for the BRMC.

And finally….
If you haven’t yet donated to our fund-raising campaign in support of Race Against Dementia don’t miss out on the chance to do so before ASI2020 to be in with a chance to win a money can’t buy prize! Everyone who makes a donation – no matter how big or small – before the 31st December 2019 will be entered into a draw to win a day’s rally driving at The London Rally School kindly donated by BMMC Club Ambassador Flick Haigh.

You can donate here RAD

Autosport Tickets
To purchase your ASI2020 tickets visit here ASI and if you book for the trade days on Thursday or Friday your Motorsport UK membership provides access to a very generous discount.

Chair Nadine’s October message – News from the dark side!

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Early September we had BMMC Council meeting – twice a year the Regional Chairs meet and twice a year the full Council sit.  This gives us a chance to focus on the club and our strategies and plans going forward.

  • We used recent donations to purchase training equipment for the regions and this was distributed during the meeting – looking forward to seeing the training days to match. Budgets are currently being requested from the British Motor Sport Training Trust (BMSTT) and hopefully we will have confirmation that training days can go ahead as planned by the regions. Watch out for your local newsletters for dates and timings!
  • Our Ambassadors are being asked for updates and we look forward to announcing our new President in due course to support the raising of the profile of volunteer marshals within and outside the sport.
  • We discussed our National awards and potential nominations to go forward for the Motorsport UK Marshal of the Year prize – looking forward to announcing the winners.
  • I am delighted that we have adopted Race Against Dementia as our charity.  Such a worthy cause for a horrible disease.  We have a fabulous prize donated by Flick Haigh so don’t forget to donate to be in with a chance of winning (
  • The BRMC new logo is almost finalised in all its forms – with an unveiling being planned for Autosport 2020.  I am really impressed with the ideas that have come forward and hope you all like the finished outcome!  Additional members added to the Brand team with skills put to good use too – welcome Jay.
  • As well as Autosport we will be represented at WRGB at Oulton Park this week / Silverstone Motorsport Live at the beginning of November and Race Retro in February.  Are there any other events we should be attending to showcase our role and attract more volunteers?
  • A number of new items are being added to the Regalia catalogue so your Regalia Officers will be updating you soon once they are available.

Motorsport UK updates

  • Marshals Working Group also took place in September with Hugh Chambers CEO able to join us for part of the meeting and provide an update.  Hugh is aware that the National Governing Body has previously not done enough to recognise Volunteers and the importance of their role and we need to act quickly to resolve this.  We have created a couple of sub groups to look at Recruitment and Retention / Recognition and the results of their discussions are being further developed to support all marshals in the future.
  • The marshals grading scheme has been created as an interactive document to make navigation a little easier.  This is a work in progress with potential tweaks to the schemes, training programmes and PRCs all being planned for 2020.
  • Volunteer Officials Committee and Race Committee are both meeting this month so I will be attending both of these and will report back any updates.
  • Motorsport UK are at the moment deciding who will be sitting on their groups and committees – if you’ve applied you should hear soon.  Let me know the outcome as I won’t get told.  Just hope I am selected going forward so that I can continue to represent marshals and the BMMC at all levels!

And if anyone wants to be involved in the running of the club please contact me directly or your Regional Committee.

Race Against Dementia adopted as BMMC Charity of the Year

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The British Motorsports Marshals’ Club agreed at its recent Council meeting (Sept 8th, 2019) to formally adopt Race Against Dementia (RAD) as its official Charity of the Year for the remainder of 2019 and 2020.

Race Against Dementia was founded by Formula 1 racing legend Sir Jackie Stewart, to raise money to fund breakthrough and innovative dementia research.

Today, 50 million people around the world have dementia. Unless a cure is found, one in three people born today will get dementia in their lifetime. A new person develops dementia every three seconds.

Supported by race circuits across the UK, the BMMC will be arranging collection buckets on recruitment stands at major events and promoting the cause to its members through a range of innovative incentives.

BMMC National Chair, Nadine Lewis said: “After a chance meeting with Paul Stewart at an event organised by the Women’s Motor Racing Associates Club (WMRAC), affectionately known as the Doghouse Owners’ Club, I became aware of the work of RAD.

“I’m delighted that as a club we can support this excellent cause and help RAD in their drive to find a cure for this condition.”

Founder and Chairman of Race Against Dementia, Sir Jackie Stewart, added: “ In supporting Race Against Dementia, a terrible illness which so far has not found a cure, we are using motorsport as an example to the medical world of how problem solving is accelerated within the world of, for example, Formula 1. 

“I myself and of course our Trustees are very grateful to The British Motorsports Marshals’ Club in joining our efforts to challenge this terrible illness, so a very big thank you from me.”

You can make a donation to RAD here

Photo of Sir Jackie Stewart courtesy of Simon Aaron


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Popular Renault UK Clio Cup competitor Max Coates, a semi-professional driver with over 17 years’ experience, has joined the growing family of BMMC Club Ambassadors.

Racing karts since the age of 8 Max progressed his racing career into cars in 2010 when he joined the Ginetta Junior Championship.  Following two successful years as a privateer entry supported by Dad (Rob), Mum (Karen) and brother (Greg) Max moved up the Ginetta racing ladder to the Michelin Ginetta GT4 Supercup.  

Since then he has raced in the Porsche Carrera Cup of Great Britain, Dunlop MSA British Touring Car Championship, Dunlop Britcar Endurance Championship, Hankook 24hr Series, the Citroen Trade Team C1 Challenge and the Renault UK Clio Cup and Clio Cup Internationale Finale.

Away from the track Max holds a 1st Class Sports Marketing Degree and is a director of Marketing Agency, High Row Marketing.  With over 17,500 social media followers reaching in excess of 2 million people per year Max is a credible brand ambassador and is personable, marketable and engaging.  

He is also an ARDS B qualified race driver coach and instructor and enjoys hanging out with his friends and keeping fit. Max is a Yorkshire Patron, an AASE and Motorsport UK Development Squad Graduate and a former BRDC Rising star.

Speaking about his invitation to become a BMMC Club Ambassador Max said: “It’s an honour to be an ambassador for BMMC.  Quite simply, without the Orange Family we couldn’t go racing!  

“I’d just like to extend my appreciate to every member of the BMMC for doing what you do and allowing me to do what I love, so thanks!”

“I’ve seen first-hand the amazing work that the BMMC do to train marshals and had a go myself both at training days at Oulton Park and Croft and during the BTCC meeting at Oulton Park.  To continue doing the sport I love we need to have a new blood into the marshalling community so hopefully being a part of this ambassadorial role will help to do that.  

BMMC National Chair Nadine Lewis added: “Max is a very popular figure at race tracks around the UK and I know many members of our Orange Family will be delighted he is the latest recruit to our Club Ambassador team. He always takes time to thank and support the work of our 2,400+ volunteer members which is always appreciated, while also getting hands on at marshals’ training events on a number of occasions.”

Photo of Max Coates courtesy of Jakob Ebrey

Chair Nadine’s September message – PRC and registration renewal

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The beginning of the month was a difficult weekend in our Motorsport world with the sad loss of Anthoine Hubert and significant injuries to Juan Manuel Correa at F2 in Spa plus news that a rally marshal died in France.  A sad day and a reminder that ‘Motorsport is dangerous’ and life is fragile.  

It’s important that you take care of yourselves and each other #OrangeFamily

It’s that time of year to renew your registration with Motorsport UK.  This is not automatic – so you either need to log on to their website or contact them directly.

Don’t forget that you are declaring that you have enough attendance and training signatures to maintain your grade.

‘I can confirm that I have complied with the maintenance criteria (where appropriate) as stated in Motorsport UK’s Grading Scheme document(s) to enable me to apply for my requested Marshal Registration grade(s).’

If you can’t comply then contact them directly to confirm your grade and renew accordingly.  

The recent PRC checks produced some interesting responses…….which warrant some clarifications:

‘Motorsport UK has records of my attendance why do I need to provide them’ 

  1. Motorsport UK do not keep records of attendance at events
  2. Motorsport UK are sent details of number of marshals attending but not their names
  3. This is for training days and events
  4. Organising clubs retain details
  5. These are all in paper format and not electronic therefore manual to scrutinise

‘I don’t get my PRC signed but here’s a list of events I have done’

  1. How can Motorsport UK verify your list? (See above)
  2. It is your responsibility to maintain your grade
  3. It is easier to check your details if they are in the same format as everyone else i.e. in a PRC

‘I don’t do that duty any more but still want to retain my grade’

  1. If you don’t perform a duty why do you want to keep the grade?
  2. If you are doing other duties are these above your current grade? – if so then signatures for these days count!
  3. If you hold multiple grades then maybe you need to decide which ones to retain – and good for you if you can do enough days in all grades / disciplines you hold!

Grading may be something you see as a competition and race in itself to see how far you can get and how quickly but don’t forget to pause and ask yourself a few questions:

  1. Have I gained enough experience to perform my new grade?
  2. Can I look after trainees now I have progressed?
  3. Can I manage a team and do they have trust in me to look out for them?
  4. Would I be able to perform my role as well at another venue that is unfamiliar?

There’s no rush! Above all you MUST consider your safety and that of those around you.

My biggest concern is for the number of people who are being asked to perform duties above their training. If you volunteered to be a flag marshal and you are handed a radio you are not suddenly qualified to be a Post Chief. You can make reports if you feel able but really you are given the radio for Race Control to communicate to you or for you to ask for help.

The worst case scenario would be that your decisions could be questioned.  You should only ever react based on the level of training and experience you have received.  So do not feel obliged to do a duty if you have not had any training previously.

Above all safety is paramount – yours and your team.  And this is a hobby so enjoy yourselves!