From the Chair

Remember… Remember…

A few reminders and announcements for this month….starting with:

Social Media.  The MSA have created guidelines to assist users avoid some of the common pitfalls that can arise and to help social media to be used in a… Continue reading

Chairman Nadine’s August Message

Training, training, training

One word that can’t be mentioned enough and an activity we should partake in as often as it’s available.

Recently BARC NW ran a mid-season training event and the BRSCC NW Rescue Unit offered BMMC marshals the… Continue reading

Chairman Nadine’s June Message

Social media – love it or hate it

So there’s Instagram, Twitter and Facebook just for starters. Ten-Tenths, YouTube and Blogging – which is kind of what this is. There are various forms of Social Media in existence and new… Continue reading

Chairman Nadine’s April Message

On Easter weekend UK motorsport witnessed one of the most horrible accidents seen in recent history. Broadcast live on National television an aspiring 17 year old Billy Monger, at the start of his single seater career, was involved in a… Continue reading